Justin's 07 WRX Wagon

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  1. Justin V

    Justin V Member

    Starting a fresh build thread for my fresh build.

    Took apart the last thing today, so I have reached ground zero. From here I will go back together. It will be slow but I have a smaller audience here.

    I have decided I am too picky to let anyone but the machinist do any work to my car. I will be assembling my own motor and heads and reinstalling everything back into the car.

    It will be a 2.5L with D25 heads and mild cams, EL header, rotated GTX3076R with a front mount and 6spd swap.

    Here is my canvas:

    Been cleaning



    Even the underside

  2. kohlby777

    kohlby777 Member

    :naughty:I said ooooooo weeeee
  3. Justin V

    Justin V Member

    Subframe is back in


    Steering rack installed


    With STI Linkage


    $35 sti airbag all centered up


    STI front lower control arms with Whiteline antilift kit


    Cleaned up the wiring and rewrapped the loom with tape, Installed the KS Tech scoop delete, Installed the shifter and made a wire pass through for the DCCD controller, Started putting the tranny back in but it slid off the cross member and cut me pretty bad so I had to got get some stitches at the ER... didn't get any pictures since.

    I'll wait till I'm healed to check the tranny over and come back with a new approach and some gloves.
  4. impreza

    impreza Member

    35 dollars for that air bag thats a steal. think you can get me one :naughty: lol
  5. Justin V

    Justin V Member

    Took some more pics as I've dabbled, just need to upload them.

    Parts came today. I've got piddly things left that I have been putting off (rebuilding cam gears, deburring and shimming the oil pump, cleaning the remaining oil passages in the heads), but I should have a long block by the weekend.

    Cams and head gaskets were in the box today; so I'll be setting the lash and ordering buckets next.

    Had tgv deletes, bought composites, didn't feel like drilling the manifold, sold both sets now I'm waiting on IAG to get their blingy beautiful ones back in.

    I broke my thumb in March when the tranny fell on it and have been limited with what I can do... but I think I'm ready to tackle it again.

    I haven't really thought every little detail out but the short list is:

    Wire sensors for speed density
    Mock up intake and have bungs welded to inlet tube
    Buy, make, and route turbo lines
    Trim stuff for the front mount
  6. Brock Samson

    Brock Samson Member

    So we're gonna get this thing proper dirty when it's rolling again, right? ;p
  7. Justin V

    Justin V Member

    Lol I stopped posting when I didn't even have the suspension on... Might be ready to start this weekend.
  8. Brock Samson

    Brock Samson Member

    With all that cleaning, tell me you cleaned those wheel wells? haha It won't take long to get them dirty, but that's not the point! ;p

    Can't wait man. It's been a long time coming!
  9. Justin V

    Justin V Member

    accrue 200 miles, pull the motor again.
  10. Matt

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  11. Brock Samson

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