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    So I'm still confused about the whole situation. I'm looking at my ECU board and I can clearly see that one of the diode on the board is burnt to a crisp. I would suspect that the car would not be able to power on let alone start with these damages, but the car starts just fine with the bad ECU.

    I'm not going to risk it so another member here helped picked up another fresh ECU for me so I will be transferring my pro tune map over to the new ECU.
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    Ah, so I guess the answer is, you haven't gotten to that part yet lol.
  3. liltoua

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    So it was crunch time as I needed to get my car ready for a re-tune at TopSpeed. Called up Mike and we finally set a date. Now it was a race for me to get my car preped and ready to be strapped down and dynoed.

    So the first thing that I needed to address was my old busted ECU. So I plugged up everything and just tried to see if the Cobb AP could talk to my old busted ECU. Load and behold it was communicating HAHA, I was shocked. I was able to unmarry the Cobb AP from the old ECU and transfer everything over to the new ECU. The only other thing I did to prep my car for the tune was to clean my Air filter. My oil was still practically new since I changed it before track day last year and it only saw like 100 miles before it sat LOL.

    So like many of you I took advantage of TopSpeeds generous offer to the WRXATL community. Called up Mike and we set a date for me to come down. So I show up and the first thing I saw.....


    Only my two favorite cars in the world.....after the GC8 of course ;) HAHAHA.

    Anyways I met the new family member and tuner of TopSpeed...Talyor. Super nice guy. We just went outside and talked about my car and all the mods. It was like I was talking to an old friend haha. So Taylor gets the car all strapped down and he just goes through the basic baselines to get the car dialed in for the WOT pulls.


    My last tuned was by Doug when he was still at TopSpeed and I think I walked out of there with 267whp forgot the torque numbers. Although those numbers were low it was due to the fact that I had some grounding issues and fueling issues during that time and I was still on my 5 spd so numbers did not reflect my mods. So I'm coming back to get it tuned with all those issues fixed on top of now a 6spd transmission and now FMIC.

    So I'm sitting there like a little kid looking at the monitor as Taylor makes his adjustments haha. He does the first couple pulls and the numbers were in the 260-270HP range. I was honestly already happy HAHA. All the numbers looked good and I was excited already. He made more adjustments and did another pull....285whp! My eyes lit up like a kid haha. I was already 20WHP more than my previous tune. Taylor makes a couple more adjustments and the numbers kept on climbing. He shuts off the car and lets it cool down a bit before the final pulls. He makes his final adjustments and goes for the last pull....


    The final numbers were 300whp/283tq. I was not expecting this out of my setup. Granted that this is a 2.0L motor with 140k+ miles with just basic bolt-ons. Taylor and the TopSpeed crew did a great job! The car feels solid through the powerband now!
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    Awesome toua!
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    Awesome write up man! It was good meeting you. Love the car!
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    Don't we all love boxes! I was being very productive at work watching the tracking info of my package all day HAHA. It finally said delivered and I drove home to to go make sure my box was still there LOL.


    Anyways I unboxed it real quick and just took a look at it and just did a real quick visual compare of it. Going to be changing up the flares a little bit. I'm was honestly tired of just using universal flares. They look great from a distance, but when you come up close the fitment is pretty bad. I was very very close to just paying someone to make me some custom flares, but I'm going to give these a shot. No info on these yet until they are done and bolted up haha. Sorry guys. Going to start trimming and testing fitting these this week. Stay tuned.

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    Hey Liltoua, any updates on the car?
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    Pretty sure I saw this ride on/around Pleasant Hill/I85 in Duluth last week!
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    So I get a message from a good friend of mines (also a WRXATL member) that linked me to JDM v5/v6 hood. These hoods do not come up to often and when they do they are all pretty beat up and/or on the wrong coast. Also every time these hood come up I always think to myself..."I'll find another deal down the road". Well I think I've been waiting like 3 years for another deal this good to come up HAHA. So the hood was in Florida and the best part was the hood is already black!

    To fill the void of me wanting to run a lighter hood I traded someone our crazy heavy metal steel hood for a Carbon fiber that I've been running for years. Although the CF hood is slightly lighter, it just didn't do it for me. I've actually never held a JDM Hood until recently, but I would imagine it feeling like the GD hoods.

    So I saw a couple pictures of the hood and although now is not a good time to be splurging on a hood I figure I would just eat up the consequences now and deal with it later HAHA. I've been very lucky with parts coming in the same color as my car :). So my friend just so happen to be making a small vacation trip down to Florida so everything just kind of fell in place. I gave him the money and waited patiently....





    The hood is amazingly light and a noticeable difference over the CF hood and more so the stock hood. Also the condition of the hood is amazing considering the age and the how far this thing had to travel from overseas.

    Overall I'm super excited about the purchase. Now I just have to fix all the minor issues with the car. When I started up the car yesterday, the car didn't want to hold it's idle and just died. It might have been due to the fact that I disconnected the battery for a long period of time and now the car has to re-lean it's idle. Gonna go clean the MAF/Throttle/IACV and try this again. Also I fixed my turning signals :). I finally found the part number to the sub-harness that I was missing so at least the car can go back on the road for the time being.
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    Nice find!
  11. J_P

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    The new hood absolutely looks better. Any thoughts of swapping a larger scoop on later?
  12. b reel

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    Why? It has FMIC
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  13. J_P

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    because bigger is always better right? Hard to miss the front mount. oops.

    Toua,Did you have the scoop on the old hood blocked off?

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