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Discussion in 'General Community' started by jautry27, Jul 2, 2016.

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    Just wondering if anyone has any idea if any of the local Subaru dealers are open tomorrow on Sunday? Finally looking to get a new Forester for the wife and Sunday is the best day. All the dealers have the same general website details and when I call after hours I get the same message with no hours. If anyone knows if any of them are open on Sunday, then I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Matt

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    I don't know if any of them are open today.

    You can stalk them on facebook. The ones who do open on Sunday usually post they're open. Being that this is a holiday weekend, I doubt any will be open.
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    I'd email them before walking in to buy too. Granted I had a specific model in mind, but I was emailing 9 or so dealerships some with inventory in stock, some in route, and some that would have to be ordered.

    I got the best price I thought I could by comparing dealerships and seeing if they'd match each other.

    Also compare sales fees, here are some I got from dealers in the area.
    Classic $753
    SO Gwinnett $610
    SO Macon $675
    Stivers $520

    Classic matched my price and was one of the better ones to work with, I just opted for a different color than they had. They are also a Costco dealer and have a discounted pricing list for members.

    If you went to SC they are under $300

    A subaru ambassador can get you a $500 coupon to use after a final price is negotiated, or you can get the same thing by calling subaru of america and proving you are a repeat customer.
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