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Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by issueslude99, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. issueslude99

    issueslude99 New Member

    My car got rear ended fairly bad, got hit at a red light by a sable at about 40. Ended up needing a new bumper, new driver side break light, bumper, Exhaust, and had to have the rear fender repaired as it had a small bend where it met the light and the spare tire wheel well had to be redone. Car was hit July 12 and taken into Magnum on the 14th, initial repairs were to be completed on August 4th. Since then the car has been pushed back about 4-5 times.

    I finally got fed up and went up to the shop this past Monday and I will say I cant even tell the car was hit except for it not having the rear bumper and tail light (only things left to be done). On Monday I was told they were still missing some clips to mount the bumper and the tail light and they should be in today. Well as I figured would probably happen they did not come in and now they are saying it will be done tomorrow.

    So now I am looking at 42 days for them to fix the car, there was a bit of damage but this seems a rather long time to fix it. Like I said from seeing the car it looks great and I can't even tell it was hit. The other cool thing they did for me was let me put on a q300 for a replacement exhaust since mine got destroyed.

    So all in all they did a great job but have to wait a very long time.

    Pics of the damage attached.

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  2. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    In my experience, auto body shops are notorious for taking their time. No offense, but yours isn't the only car they have. Especially a shop like Magnum is going to take their time to make sure it's done right the first time.

    Have you had a rental car the entire time? I'd rather it take longer to begin with rather than having to keep taking it back for small issues like clips. ;)
  3. issueslude99

    issueslude99 New Member

    Ya i know they are trying to do it right, the thing I find annoying is that they keep saying it will be done on X day and then tell me the day of it won't be. I've wasted 2 vacation days to pick up the car.

    Ya I have had a rental the whole time. It's an amazing Dodge Avenger does 0-60 in 50 seconds =p.
  4. nygiant

    nygiant Member

    This is my issue with classic collision....never again will I go there or recommend them. On the surface the work looks good, but underneath, everything was shoddily done and rushed. Even the alignment guy as GTE asked me about it when he looked under the car.
  5. yerrow

    yerrow Active Member

    In my experience, all body shops over promise and under deliver. As long as the work that is done is done to you satisfaction...eventually that's about all you can ask for

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  6. jchon3

    jchon3 Supporting Member

    Glad to hear you are Ok!
    i want to hear the Q300! lol
  7. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    not impressed with my experience with them either. wife's tahoe was the patient
  8. Raziel1

    Raziel1 Member

    Mine took about 6-7wks with Autocraft but I was patient even tho I didn't have a fancy schmancy rental. The one thing you don't want to do is rush someone who is fixing/servicing your car. People will start cutting corners and shit to get your vehicle back to you. Plus they're tryna make sure they get it right the first time around.
  9. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    mine took 8 weeks at magnum, but they kept me abreast of the situation and because i knew the owner (good friends with his nephew), i was willing to be leniant. and the work was AMAZING. if i told you the car was essentially totaled and dared you to find where it was hit (without looking at my facebook, lol) it would take you a while to find the work
  10. issueslude99

    issueslude99 New Member

    Ya, from what I saw the car looks good, I've been semi familiar with Magnum for a long time, my old car club/shop was Alan Cox at the top of the hill. I knew they would do good work witch is why I took the car there. The only real problem I have had is with the communication, I have to call multiple times to get a status update and when the car is pushed back I don't get the call till the day of.
  11. t3chn0rem1x

    t3chn0rem1x Member

    I had the same issue with them as well, they kept telling me we dont have clips and what not, and that the car would be finished x day. so i call and they tell me, it will take at least 3 days more. i mean they did a good job on the car, but it took almost a month.
  12. FACE

    FACE Active Member

    I have had work done with magnum before and they took awhile to complete the car but the work was excellent. My car was broken into and they had to make sure there was no glass in the vents...had to remove most of the dash. I think they do great work and have suggested them to a few folks!

    Glad your ok and hope you get your car back today!
  13. issueslude99

    issueslude99 New Member

    I went and picked up the car last night, looks great, cant even tell it was hit. Only thing I need to look closer at is the wing looks a shade off from the rest of the car, saw it on my way into work but could have been how the light was hitting it.

    All in all tho they did great work, just took a very long time.
  14. nygiant

    nygiant Member

    pretty sure its how the light was hitting it...if they did that good of a job, the last thing they would do is mess up the paint.
  15. jchon3

    jchon3 Supporting Member

    Quick question, it says you got hit at a stop light. If you were stopped and he hit you, didn't your tires get flat spotted?
  16. issueslude99

    issueslude99 New Member

    They may have a little bit of a flat spot on them but it isn't much. He didn't push me that far. Right when I got hit the light turned green so I had just taken my foot off the brake. Lucky that the light did just turn green tho cause if it hadnt he woulda pushed me into the car in front of me.

    It was the curse of Barret Parkway, that place hates me.

    On a side note since I know you've been asking Jchon. I think the q300 sounds great. I wish it was a little louder, but the tone on it is perfect.
  17. jchon3

    jchon3 Supporting Member

    I'm looking at getting the q300 axleback section if i can find one
  18. issueslude99

    issueslude99 New Member

    Well were in the same area, sometime we can meet up and you can hear it, like I said IMO sounds amazing but is a little on the quiet side.
  19. jchon3

    jchon3 Supporting Member

    Sounds like a plan!
  20. drewmob

    drewmob Member

    Sorry to bump an old thread but saw this and wanted to share: the wife was hit head-on in our Forester and Magnum was able to quickly make it look brand new. Like 2-3 weeks? We had a horrible time when she got rear-ended @ another shop. Yes... 2 wrecks, (neither her fault) car is less than 1yr old.
  21. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    if you're taking vacation days on a body shop's word...
  22. J_P

    J_P I like pudding pops Supporting Member

    Then you're throwing vacation days away. I did. I got hit early last June different shop same basic story. I got the car back late Oct. and I'm still not happy with it.

    Fuck body shops.... I hate them and insurance companies.
  23. drewmob

    drewmob Member

    Lol, agreed on insanity. Both times I've had a car there I've asked them to have it done & waiting before they call. That's why insurance pays for rentals.

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