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Discussion in 'Modifications & DIY how-to' started by JJang12, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. JJang12

    JJang12 Active Member

    I couldn't find appropriate forum, so i'm using NEWBIE section. :D :D

    I'm thinking about installing alarm. poo.... hehe i kno that i'm trying to do all these $$$$ thing on my new WRX, but i can't help myself. I received an email from GT police that there has been 11 break-ins during august alone at Tech. I parked in front of police station, but still... i want some security b4 i put more stuffs into my car.

    any recommendation??? shop and product??? I'm thinking about compustar 2WSS-A (just alarm for now). I guess I don't want remote start since i'm trying NOT to be lazy. Compustar ADs that it has 1.25mi range. Is it that good compare to other DEI products??? and any good shops in ATL area??? Thank you

    oh yeah, tell me about what you got
  2. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    i just got the stock security system in mine and i haven't looked into aftermarket products...

    however i think remote start is good for a turbo car... at least it will warm up a little bit before u get in
  3. JJang12

    JJang12 Active Member

    yea, i got upgraded stock ones too. I kinda want the remote start, but i don't want too much tap into stock electric system (ie. clutch bypass and etc).

    i'm planning to put extra siren inside cabin with back up battery
  4. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    so ur doin this urself? sweet... u can find detailed instructions all over the net... good places to look would be nasioc and scoobymods

    i installed my turbo timer myself... and damn was it a biatch

    maybe i got big hands or something but i just couldnt get to the cables behind the steering wheel forever...

    thats when i decided im not messing with the electrics in my wrx
  5. JJang12

    JJang12 Active Member

    i wish i have time for that. damn... school is killing me with my full time job (50+ hr/wk). it's my dad's store, so can't complain about that. he bought me WRX as 2 years wage. haha :D

    newayzzz... I want to do this professionaly since people say that installation is 90% of alarm.
  6. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    i agree...
  7. JJang12

    JJang12 Active Member

    COOL~!!! we finally got Electronica forum section. Hope that lots of experts come and enlighten us.

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