Matto's 2015 ISM WRX

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  1. Matto357

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    So after searching for a couple months trying to find exactly what I wanted in a 2015 I finally had to give up on the hunt and settle for something pretty damn close. WRX limited with Nav and a bunch of other add on's that I don't care about (SPT carbon fiber trunk trim, lol). Sorry for the crappy pics, just haven't had time to take it out and get some good pics, maybe Saturday.


    Overall I'm really happy with the car. The chasis for the 15's is worlds better than my 06 was. To be quite honest it almost feels as flat cornering as my 06 on coilovers and sways felt. It also feels much more planted while corning, very solid all around. I've still got about 400 more miles till break in is over but so far the power is nice. The rev hang and throttle mapping is VERY annoying though. Nothing like being in reverse, release the clutch and letting off the gas and having the revs hang at 2500 rpm for 2 seconds.

    I don't really know what my future plans are. Probably a front lip because it looks really nice on this body style and after that I don't have any huge plans. I'll upgrade wheels and tires when I wear the stockers out. Oh and tint, really need tint.
  2. Trancetto

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    Congrats on your purchase.
  3. Mike@TSM

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    Congrats man!! Looks awesome :)
  4. Matto357

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  5. nik_05STi

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    ^^ haha they have it listed as 5 speed manual but 6 speed in sellers note
  6. rsutton1223

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    Nice man! Hard to imagine you in anything else other than your old car. The new one looks awesome. I bet you are loving it.
  7. Matto357

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    First snow!!!


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