Movie Review - Olympus Has Fallen

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    Overall: 7.5 / 10

    This movie is the modern day Die Hard, sans Bruce Willis and substitute Gerard Butler. The first 30-45 minutes was some of the most captivating and special effects cinematography I have ever seen. For this reason alone, I would HIGHLY recommend everybody watch this movie. The second half falls inline with the cliche shoot em up / save the world action flick, but it still held my attention and was entertaining.

    Don't expect some Oscar winning movie, as it's far, far from does, however, go well with some beer and give-a-shitless attitude

    Note - not a movie you want to show the kids, there's quite a bit of graphic gore, and a lot of Aaron Hernandez style goings on.
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  2. Jake

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    Yeah saw this opening day. I liked it, but wasn't the best movie in the world. Liked it better than GI JOE though...
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    Its on my list...

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