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  1. Mike1720

    Mike1720 New Member

    I have a 2017 WRX I'm slowly building. Anyway I have a few cosmetic things done so far next is stage 2.

    Current mods

    5% / 15% Tint

    3M black wrapped roof

    Front lip, I got it off amazon for $100 it took some heat gun work and the hardware was horrible I still need to put some better screws in it.

    Invidia N1 dual catback It sounds pretty decent no drone or anything but its still sort of quiet so depending on how it sounds with the catless dp I may switch the mufflers for some muffler deletes.

    Swift spec r springs

    Te37 reps, 18x9.5 et35

    Cobb non res J pipe

    Cobb Big SF intake

    Dioide dynamics C lights

    OLM Alpha HD LEDs

    S4 fog bezels

    Process west verticooler

    In the works


    IMG_20170114_111357.jpg IMG_20170114_113136.jpg IMG_20170114_113156.jpg
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  2. wrxtony

    wrxtony New Member

    Nice bro, always good to see a fellow 15+ wrx owner :D
  3. Mike1720

    Mike1720 New Member

    Thanks man, I saw a few 15+ subarus (white STI, Silver WRX) today in the lilburn area. I waved but was ridding shottie in my GFs corolla. Also I snagged a n1 dual seems like it sounded good and the price was real decent. Also had to order a perrin license plate relocation kit. My disabled vet tag requires I run one in the front and rear which is kinda lame.
  4. wrxtony

    wrxtony New Member

    Invidia N1 sounds good, I have the single exit paired with their catless downpipe.
  5. Mike1720

    Mike1720 New Member

    Nice man. I'm pretty excited car is to quiet. I think I will end up with an access port and downpipe next. But who knows car only has 477 miles on it atm.
  6. Mike1720

    Mike1720 New Member

    Got the catback on super easy longest part was UPS didn't show up until 9pm so I had to do it in the dark solo with cell phone light. I ordered my access port from MA performance and got their "pro tune" stage 1 tune. Pretty excited its supposed to give it a nice bump in power. I will be happy to get rid of the awful rev hang.
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  7. Alex

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  8. Spike70

    Spike70 New Member

    Your car looks great!
  9. Mike1720

    Mike1720 New Member

    updated, now just gotta do some work. Really wanting to get the Cobb flex fuel kit then have TSM tune it.
  10. WiReX22

    WiReX22 New Member

    great looking car. good luck on your build
  11. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    There is a kit for sale on CL in Aniston AL
  12. Mike1720

    Mike1720 New Member

    I saw that today. I get a pretty decent deal going through Cobb directly so probably just going to go that route.
  13. Mike1720

    Mike1720 New Member

    Couple of more recent photos of what the car looks like now.

    . 20170216_180451.jpg 20170216_180506.jpg

    Parts still to be added that I currently have are JDM S4 fog bezels, Diode Dynamic C lights, JDM front grill, also debating wrapping the lower front bumper under the grill gloss black.
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  14. Mike1720

    Mike1720 New Member

    Finished the process west verticooler install today, kind of a pain to do it solo but hey worked out good looks nice now just waiting on cobb flex fuel and a new protune.

    Car is currently protuned, cant find the dyno sheet but it made 315whp 347wtq thanks Topspeed.

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