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  1. YourMyBoyBlue

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    Iv had my 2012 wrx for a couple years now and its been running great. I just recently traded in my V2 for the new V3 accessport from Cobb. I noticed right away that my boost is only hitting 9.5 on a full third gear pull. (I just recently started driving with the accessport plugged in... I know... not good lol) I have a Cobb SF Intake + stage 1 tune. I called them and they said I most likely have a vacuum/boost leak somewhere. Maybe the throttle body coupler they think since that is a common issue. They told me to go get a pressurized smoke test done to see exactly where the leak is coming from.

    Does anyone already have the tools and knowhow to be able to do this with me? or would it be best to go to a shop and have it done? If so, where do you all suggest? What price range am I looking at?


    I know theres a meet up tomorrow and will try and make it!
  2. b reel

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    mason jar, lid, hose in, hose out, air compressor, charcoal, mineral oil, fittings, assemble and fire or go to Allpro
  3. YourMyBoyBlue

    YourMyBoyBlue New Member

    I think ill go to AllPro lol.
  4. Any updates on this.?Did you change anything other than a new accessport? Iassume you had to unmarry the old and marry the new?And then load the same map??
  5. YourMyBoyBlue

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    I went to the Subaru meet up last week and talked to the guys and also called COBB. Cobb and the guys think its the throttle body coupler that has come loose as this is an issue with the 08-14's. Im going to remove the TMIC on Tuesday and see if the connection is bad and hopefully it is so it will be an easy fix. If I do that and still have a leak somewhere then I'm taking it to ALLPRO and getting a smoke test done. Will keep you all updated and take some pics if i remember lol.
  6. Alex

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    Good luck!
  7. YourMyBoyBlue

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    So I took the TMIC off and the throttle body coupler was fine. There was no indication of any leak there along with the cheap bendy rubber its made out of showed no signs of damage. I put everything back as it was and car still runs lol. Still have a boost leak though... :/ so SMOKE TEST it is.
  8. YourMyBoyBlue

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    Final update - Took it to AllPro and the problem was that the Restrictor pill was incorrectly routed. I have no idea how this happened because i have never messed with anything near the turbo or with any of the boost or vacuum pipes... Maybe the owner before me messed it up when he took his bigger turbo off and i just never noticed since this is my first Subaru (doh) FML. So now my boost went from 9.5 psi to 13 psi. Problem solved and the car pulls like it should now. No complaints.

    AllPro only charged me for the smoke test so only cost me $90. Well worth it for the piece of mind that it was done correctly and that they found no other issues.
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    Glad to hear you got it sorted out and it wasn't anything major!
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  10. YourMyBoyBlue

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    Ya me too... I was kinda worried about it too but just glad it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

    but as we all know - something else will ALWAYS pop up lol. Why can't i just drive my car hard as hell and nothing break??? haha

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