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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by wrxin8or, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. mattprzy

    mattprzy Active Member

    you can legally own one with a 200 dollar tax stamp i thought.
  2. mattprzy

    mattprzy Active Member

    The United States taxes and strictly regulates the manufacture and sale of suppressors under the National Firearms Act. They are legal for individuals to possess and use for lawful purposes in thirty-eight of the fifty states. However, a prospective user must go through an application process administered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which requires a Federal tax payment of US$200.00 and a thorough criminal background check. The $200.00 buys a tax stamp, which is the legal document allowing possession of a silencer.

    from under the regulation section
  3. moose

    moose Infina Mooooooose!

    Hey folks, saw this thread and was wondering if you knew of a good place to sell milsurp stuff. Moving and not bringing them. Mauser M48 and Mosin Nagant (M44?) with around 1,500 rounds of ammo. Craigslist won't touch them. :wtc:
  4. WJM

    WJM Banned

    mattprzy: its the process that'll stop you. Hardly anyone gets thru the process, even squeaky clean law abiding citizens.
  5. seanwrxwagon

    seanwrxwagon Member

    One of my brother-in-law's work buddies has the permit. He pulled out a silenced walther .22 at a party and started firing it into the ground. I was less than amused but it was really quiet. He lives just south of the Tennesee border and he says it is for self defense.
  6. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    How much?
  7. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    it's actually not that bad to get the required tax stamps to own the really fun things. I can post up the info I got from a friend of mine. very detailed and in depth. most people fail on filling out the paperwork correctly
  8. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    From what I've read you can get the tax stamp as a trust and its much easier, G-Man guns in Douglasville can take care of you.
  9. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    Traded my S&W model 34 for this Ruger SP101 .357 mag NIB today. It's a fucking hand cannon! It's got a set of Hogue grips in the near future.

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  10. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    never liked revolvers. always been a semi-auto handgun guy
  11. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    To each his own...The Glock 22 stays in the house and comes out for competition shoots.

    This one will more than likely stay in the car. With a revolver, I never half to worry about the spring in the clip going to shit 'cause I haven't touched it in 2 years, or a FTL/FTF. Also, I keep the shells and I can conceal it easily.

    When we going shooting again?
  12. mmtasty

    mmtasty Active Member

    The rednecks have stopped buying every useful bullet they find, so now a gun range GTG is an option. I'm up for it. When and where is the only question.
  13. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    there is an outdoor range within a reasonable distance if anyone is interested in going there. rifles, shotguns, all kinds of neat stuff. it's $20 for the whole day unlike nick's who will rape you on indoor range time.

    it's a little drive, about 45min from downtown and 25 from cobb area. they do carbine courses, handgun competitions, long range shooting competitions (think 500yd+). etc. also has trap/skeet I think but not sure. if you've never shot clays it is the most fun you can have with a gun IMO

    cute revolver. does it shoot BBs or pellets?
  14. WJM

    WJM Banned

    I'd be up for that if/when I am in ATL.

    I've been messing with the Mosin Nagant I got from moose...tho I do regret having to do what I did to it to get the front sight/bayonet lug off. :eek:



    Work in progress...aka so far:


    I didnt fully realize the M44 was a Carbine...if I had know the full extent of what the M44 was, I would have let it be and searched for an M91/30 to mod instead of this M44. *shrug* I cannot undo that now.

    Either way, I found an M91/30 barrel for it and it should be here Friday. I'll be shooting it this weekend again.

    In other news, I put the 4x32 scope on the AK with lower scope shoots better now.


  15. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    Wanna find out?

    I'm sorry, I forgot that if it doesn't shoot .44 mag or're not interested. :fawk:
  16. Berzerklo

    Berzerklo Active Member

    My favorite place to shoot in GA was the Wilson Shoals WMA in Banks County (about 15 mins past Gainsville). Its run by the state so it is free to use - you have to bring your own ammo and target stands, but they have a range master on site so no one gets stupid and its a 75 yard range so people with rifles can actually sight in.

    Best of all, the rednecks up there have some serious hardware.
  17. BKiller

    BKiller Active Member

    Hey, to bring this thread back up the top I was looking at a Kel Tec Sub 2000 and wondering if anyone has any experience with one? Seems like a fun inexpensive gun that accepts Glock clips.
  18. cannarella

    cannarella Member

    The guy next to me here at work got one and likes it. He said it is a good plinker.

    Anyone know of a place that has carbine classes? I saw nicad's post above.
  19. JL889

    JL889 Pandastic!

    Figure I'd update with my new guns.


    -Ruger 10/22
    -Del-Ton M4 Carbine 16 inch
    -Glock 17 9mm
    -Sig Sauer P229 .40 Cal

    Anyone ever been to the new range in Roswell with a tactical course?
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  20. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member

    that m4 is sex.
  21. kingwrex

    kingwrex Supporting Member

    Ruger p89 hi cap 9mm
  22. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member

    Well so far my collection is only a 12 gauge Winchester pump action shotgun with a pistol grip. I'm buying a m4 or m16 pretty soon, maybe tomorrow.
  23. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    almost bought an AR lower today...thinking about getting a .22LR upper for it
  24. Max Q

    Max Q Member

    Armalite AR-10

    Winchester Model 94 .444 Marlin

    Various antiques

    HK USP .40/.45 Compacts and Glock 26
  25. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    Is that a .22LR in the middle? I think i have that exact same gun, it has a squirrel engraved on the handle of the stock?

    Picked mine up about 15 years ago from a pawn shop for $50
  26. superdoughboy4

    superdoughboy4 Active Member

    Holy crap, Brett. That's a mighty fine collection.
  27. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    My next rifle.
  28. AFSil80

    AFSil80 New Member

    Bump for the new guy...

    Beretta 92FS Vertec

    Cetme .308

    And my pride and joy...Sig 556
  29. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member

    So far, IMO Max Q is making me jelly the most. lol
  30. AFSil80

    AFSil80 New Member

    I'm torn on what my next purchase will be. I've got it narrowed down to a USP .45 (full size), M1A, or start an AR15 problem is that my Sig pretty much eliminates the need for any other rifle of the same caliber. :)

    (I'm a Sig Snob, I know.)
  31. osborne519

    osborne519 Member

    full 36 gun safe full of all kinds of goodies but my daily carry is a taurus 85 in 357mag
  32. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    Just out of curiosity, how do you carry it and which holster do you use?
  33. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    For you guys that frequent gun shows, keep an eye out for a Colt Delta Elite in 10mm, I would prefer stainless but might consider a black one.

  34. 4sevens

    4sevens Member

    Theres a new range off pleasantdale for those of you city folk.

    For a compact reliable cw check out the walter pps :p
  35. yerrow

    yerrow Active Member

    we should have a shooting day/meet
  36. 4sevens

    4sevens Member

    I'd be in for that. Anyone tried the new range off pleasantdale ?
  37. Smokin_Joe

    Smokin_Joe Member

    i went to the range this week at lunch.
    S&W .38 special
    Kel-tec PF9

    put about 150 rnds downrange in about an hour using one7-rnd magazine and hand loading the .38

    We did a group shoot a while back. Bunch of my friends and their friends have guns. What I learned from that experience is there are very few people I trust to handle a gun around me. We had some idiots point guns at people in the stall next to them and not knowing how to remove a stove pipe or jammed shell. There was too many people there that didn't understand range safety.

    if it happens, IMHO, keep it a small group of people.

  38. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    I am looking into getting something that can be a crossover between a hunting rifle, and a casual long(ish) range shooter. Probably going to go with something in .308 or .300win mag, and likely a R700. Anyone have thoughts/suggestions?
  39. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    check out the Dimension by Thompson Center but can't go wrong with the 700 series.
  40. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    That looks cool and all, but the interchangability doesn't really interest me. Will probably end up with an R700, but have heard really good things about the Savage rifles with the accutrigger
  41. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    I went there when they first opened up. Kind of pricey but it wasnt a bad range. It was freaking packed though and had to wait for almost 30 minutes for a lane. That is why I never went back.
  42. WRboXer

    WRboXer Active Member

    .308 all day. The cheapest, most easily sourced caliber that shoot at some decently loftly distances with enough power for almost any north american game.
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  43. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

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