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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by wagunz_pwn, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. nsvwrx

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  2. Weapon

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    some shit that bothers me

    white people with dreadlocks,
    fat people on cell phones,
    Karl Boltzmann,
    Obama bumper stickers,
    people that panhandle at gas stations,
    my boss,
    Top 40,
    dogs barking,
    ignorant rednecks listening to 2 pac with a bumper sticker that says "the south will rise again",
    parents on cell phones when they are at the park with their kids,
    Monk for not making more music,
    people that start For Sale threads in Latest Spin,
    running out of milk,
    my dwindeling 401K,
    dirty dishes,
    my commute to/from work,
    Sarbanes Oxley,
    having coffee and no creamer,
    having creamer and no coffee,
    dipshits speeding through my parking lot,
    the rebel flag,
    John McCain running a shitty campaign,
    Cathy comic strips,
    IdiOTS ThaT TyPE LiKe THis,
    stupid shit that bothers me,
  3. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    My pet peeve is traffic. So I leave my buggy in the parking lot to save time, speed up if someone tries to get in front of me, pass people waiting in turn lanes to cut in later, and any other other trick I can get away with. :fawk:
  4. awdlaunch132

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    haha pwned^^^^
  5. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    haha...It's ironic that I really hate it too. Someone wrote wagunz_pwn on nastycock and for some strange reason...I copied it for my username.
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  6. WRXCoupe

    WRXCoupe Active Member

    -People who let their dogs shit all over the place
    -Heterosexual men that talk like gay guys
    -People who use the word "like" as a conjunction and over use conjunctions
    -People with no manners
    -People who stick to principles even though they have no logic
    -The current tax system
    -Ghetto fabulous
    -Any wheel size over a 19" on something smaller than an SUV
    -Runny eggs
    -Grown women that emulate teenage girls
    -Mainstream media
    -Over protective parents that have no control over their children in public places
    -Bad Bagels (Fluffy bagels that contain chocolate chips and/or other horrific ingredients unknown to bagels)
    -Anyone else’s flatulance other than mine
  7. SubiNoobi

    SubiNoobi Supporting Member

    My drive to work is very short, through a residential neighborhood. Its so short that I sometimes just walk.

    But today, I was driving and a group of about 5 wannabe gangstas are walking abreast taking up the ENTIRE right lane. Do they get out of the way? No, cause they think they rule the streetz. Its a bunch of HS dropouts who spend their time smoking pot (you can smell it as you drive by) in their parent's garage and wandering around an otherwise very nice neighborhood.

    So maybe someone here knows... Do pedestrians have the right of way when they are IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET?
  8. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    they always have the right of way.

    Think bowling pins!
  9. SubiNoobi

    SubiNoobi Supporting Member

    Its still dumb as hell, I mean, what if I wasn't paying attention and accidentally hit them? They don't seem to realize that even though they might be "right" they'd still be dead!
  10. SonicBoom

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  11. flat4ever666

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    ^^^another one of mine is people that correct grammar on forums. Its not a spelling test!!!
  12. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    ^^ I agree with you, my spelling is not the best anyways... I've never been the grammer police type. Don't know why that certain misspelling bothers me so much. I guess because lose is such an easy word to spell and 75% of people can't spell it.
  13. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    You should have moved it behind her car before she backed out

    Haha, I always cut people waiting in line, because they are suckers. Most of the time I don't even ask to get over. I just cruise the line slowly and when I see someone who isnt paying attention as the line moves forward I jump in. This happens best at the GA400/ Northridge off ramp when there is a line of idiots taking up the right side of the loop ramp not knowing the left side is open (I turn left anyways so why wait for the righties following behind the person in front of them?)
  14. AirMax95

    AirMax95 Active Member

    ^^^^damn straight! I do that all the time. No need in waiting if someone "lets" you over!
  15. cleanmachine

    cleanmachine Member

    Its a wierd stretch for "the" fingers you gotta go from the 'T' to the 'H' to the 'E'. Try the "da" its a quick 1, 2 punch with the same finger. Its only a forum. Now I'm just f=#$n w/ ya. But really try it. Mo betta.
  16. cleanmachine

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  17. cleanmachine

    cleanmachine Member

    I think in GA pedestrians only have right away in a cross walk so if they are in the middle of the road... fair game, add another stripe to your fighter... ON second thought though in a neighborhood thats kind of different w/ kids playin and such.

    +1 to all these other posts as well: cats, my dwindling 401k, dipshits speeding through my parking lot, mainstream media, people w/ no manners.
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  18. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    bullshit...ignorance sucks, no matter the location.

    I also hate when people don't know the difference between there, their, and they're. I swear some people must have dropped out of school before they finished 1st grade.

    There - a location - I'm going over there.

    Their - possessive - I'm stealing their shit.

    They're - contraction, they are - They're fucking gay.

    And to add to that theme, your vs you're

    Your - possessive - I'm stealing your shit

    You're - contraction, you are - You're a homo.

    God I love this thread :bowdown:
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  19. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    Lol this thread delivers
  20. jeb

    jeb Member

    I hate semi truck and bus drivers in the city. They drive like your(done intentionally) just supposed to get out of there(again) way even when you have the right a way.
  21. FTZ

    FTZ ^.^

  22. cleanmachine

    cleanmachine Member

    ^^^^ Nice. This thread does kick ass!
  23. monk

    monk <b>The Kitchen Ninja!!!!</b>

    pet peeve: T-2hrs and counting....:mad:
  24. Deke

    Deke Active Member

    I hate when two people are disagreeing in a forum and one of them resorts to calling out typos the other person makes because they have no better points to fall back on.
  25. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    WooHoo! Against Traffic FTW!! - I'm guessing you're talking about traffic??
  26. monk

    monk <b>The Kitchen Ninja!!!!</b>

    yes... i hate them... all of them.

    but only for a couple of hours :)
  27. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    haha...yea..unless you see another scooby then get all excited..
  28. dontcallitarex

    dontcallitarex Active Member

    Many of mine are traffic related. Like last night I had this woman in a Tahoe riding my ass on 85. I was just cruising along around 70mph one lane from the far right. She is ON MY ASS like, I can barely see her in the windshield. She then puts on her high beams right in my eyes and swerves around, hauls ass past me, and as she's doing this she's cursing me out and throwing me half a peace sign.

    I dropped it into third, matched speed with her (which I think surprised her) and returned the favor with the best "I wish murder was not against the law" face I could muster. She looked scared and ducked off the highway. It was awesome. lol.

    People who don't let you in when you're trying to merge for an obvious reason.

    People who feel the need to be an asshole for absolutely no reason other than they feel they're better than you.

    People who ask me "IS IT AN STI ZOMG?!"

    I'll think of more later.
  29. monk

    monk <b>The Kitchen Ninja!!!!</b>

    other peeves...


    some animals,

    and a few inanimate objects (which interestingly enough resemble people driving cars)

    fuzzy toilette seats... the people who buy them, and the stores that sell them.


    the last 30 minutes of the friday afternoon that i swear to tapdancing christ starts going backwards.

    edit: an empty sake bottle.
  30. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    Nice one!
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  31. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    While we're getting back to the traffic, I thought of another one today as it happened to me... When your on a road with a turn lane, and the jackass turning left in front of you all but stops in your lane, then creeps over right were the turn is. Or, better yet, stops with half of their fat ass half way in your lane/half in the turn lane.
  32. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    people who drive with their brights on!!!!!!!!!!!! coming home from work tonight...some older volvo getting off at clairmont then some honda CRV on 316!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH GO AWAYYYYYYYYY!!!
  33. FTZ

    FTZ ^.^

    Fixed the quote for you
  34. Bug-Rex

    Bug-Rex Active Member

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: I was just kidding too. But really...
  35. Bug-Rex

    Bug-Rex Active Member

    Aggressive semi-truck drivers. Don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but one semi-truck was tailing me in the fast lane and trying to pass while i was doing about 85mph. :eek3: Then he saw a gap and took off in the right lane and passed me. I was waiting to come up an him flipped over or jack-knifed.
  36. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    yea I'm not a fan of big ass trucks....
  37. cleanmachine

    cleanmachine Member

    Right on! I'l whip it in to the turning lane and then worry bout braking or stopping just b/c I know how much that sort of action pisses me off.
  38. Deke

    Deke Active Member

    Same here, I rarely touch my brakes until I'm already in the turn lane.
  39. jeb

    jeb Member

    I hate semi's and everyone that drives them with a passion now. Sorry for all the good truck drivers out there but one of them ruined it for me, and I've always been so considerate letting them over when they signaled in the past too
  40. knhtrdr

    knhtrdr Active Member

  41. knhtrdr

    knhtrdr Active Member

    I'm a truck driver and I hate them too!!
  42. knhtrdr

    knhtrdr Active Member

    People who don't speed up and think they have the right of way comming off the on ramp if I cant get over and I'm nice enough to slow down for you to come on don't get mad when your in the emergency lane I tried. Another, ppl that jumps in front of and 80thousand pound truck going down hill and you hit the brake for no real reason deserves whatever happens next from you own stupidity.
  43. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    yea I got ran off the rd by one sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. He straight up pushed me into the median
  44. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    Dunno if this was mentioned but....

    People driving slow in the fast lane, and hen speed up when you try to pass them on the right to close the gap.

    Just now on 85 from columbus I cruising behing a crv for awhile in the fast lane but then decide its time to move on. As soon as I get in the right lane to pass, he goes wot to close the gap between him and the car in front. Now, if I wanted to I could have pressed the gas and passed him and made it through the gap. But why risk lives? So I got back behind him and after we pass the other car I downshift and give him a nice flame as I pass him, again he tries to go wot but his lack of torque does not prevail.

    I hate when people think they own the rd.
  45. flat4ever666

    flat4ever666 Member

    No i can understand where your coming from. It annoys me too. i wish people would take the time to proof read what they have written, but people don't, no need to call them out on it.
  46. Eco Auto Clean

    Eco Auto Clean Active Member

    the light at paper mill road and the 4 cars or so it lets out!!!!!...dammit i had something else to can't remember....oh and i can't login to the forum from iphone still, again, some more!!!!
  47. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    people that stop at these signs...when there is nobody in the damn crosswalk! :mad:

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  48. flat4ever666

    flat4ever666 Member

    ^^^ hah yea i find that annoyingly funny too.
  49. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    Two more I figured out today while coming home from work...

    1) People who merge onto the interstate at 35 mph

    2) People who block the f*cking intersection in downtown Atlanta :mad::mad::mad:

    If anyone hears of the Atlanta sniper picking people off who block the intersection in rush hour traffic...I'm just saying, it probably isn't me :hsugh:
  50. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    That one gets me, too!

    This just happened. :mad: People who clean out the fridge at work when it is not Friday. The damn sign says, "Cleaned out every Friday". I just opened the door to find out my 1/2 pound of Boars Head Sausalito Turkey :drool: had been 86'ed...but not the cheese. I just got that shit yesterday and put my name on it...doesn't anyone check dates?!?!?!

    Now, I lost my appetite. :unamused:

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