Plasma or LED TV's????

Discussion in 'Meta' started by sikwrx04, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. sikwrx04

    sikwrx04 Member

    Alright guys looking to upgrade the TV in my room, I am stuck between 2 TV's what are your idea's and suggestion? I will have my room light control with only 2 windows that have curtains....I know it all just depends on me but i would like some feed back between LED or Plasma Tv's

    LG 55inch LED 1080p 120hz
    $688 at Fry's Electronics with 1 year warranty and 30 day return policy

    Panasonic 55inch 3D 1080P Plasma SMART TV
    $699.99 at costco with 2 year warranty and 90 day return policy
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  2. Drowland87

    Drowland87 Staff Member Supporting Member

    Personally I like Led better but I have a Samsung. I'm not familiar at the moment with those two TVs. I would look at before purchasing a set.
  3. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    Where is the TV located? Is there a lot of light in that room? Will it be mounted somewhere where it will need to be thin framed?
  4. Aggregate

    Aggregate Member

    If its a dark room go plasma.
  5. nygiant

    nygiant Member

    when the adjustments are set correctly, plasma will blow your mind.
  6. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    again, only if its in a dark room. otherwise you will always have a glare and be annoyed daily.

    LED is going to be the most versatile. but plasma has the best ability at making colors and showing motion (since the scene moves across each pixel, not just a few light sources). but the biggest downside to a plasma is its weight/location restrictions.

    and you should adjust your tv once you open it up anyways. the factory settings are all juiced up to use as displays and make it look unnaturally better than the next in the showroom.

    the best way to tell a good tv? wait until in between scenes at the store and see what tv has the truest black, black is the hardest color for a tv to make.
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  7. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member

    LED or LCD

    Plasma can really be a challenge. The quality may not be there unless it's a pretty much pitch dark room.
  8. sikwrx04

    sikwrx04 Member

    No it will be sitting on my current stand no wall mounting necessary for now but maybe later on when I get my own house..currently renting

    Well I have only 2 windows in my room, 1 window is always closed cause it's behind my dresser, the other window is open throughout the day but could be closed....

  9. Superdude

    Superdude Active Member

    I have a Samsung 55" LED LCD and love it. the 3D, if you like that kind of stuff, is freaking cool. Also, the TV adjusts itself to the light available in the room. so if it's bright, the tv gets brighter. at night with the lights off for a movie, it dims so it's not super bright. works really well.the LED uses a ton less power. there's zero heat from the unit. you can turn it on and off without the warm up worries of Plasma (newer ones might not have this issue any more. I just don't know enough) LED's profile is super slim, too. Samsung is like 1.2" thick. I have it hanging from the wall and it looks like a window. completely non intrusive to a room.
    can you tell i really like my Samsung ;)
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  10. Drowland87

    Drowland87 Staff Member Supporting Member

    ^ however I turned the auto dimming off on mine because it's annoying as fuck. All the worth while Samsung since are going to be a lot more expensive though. From his two choices I'm guessing he is looking at a much lower price range. Again my advice is to spend some time on
  11. sikwrx04

    sikwrx04 Member

    Don't get me wrong if i had the money i was spend it but unfortunately my budget is $700-800

    Probably going to pick up the Panasonic Plasma Tv tomorrrow at costco..another question though, It already comes with a free 2 year warranty through costco, you can get an additional 3 years protection for $60 which comes out to 5 years of protection through costco for only $60 seems worth it to me?? I am not a fan of warranties and i sell them for a living..but being that its $700 dollars and $60 to get warranty for 5 years seems totally worth it....
  12. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    honestly, i sell warranties too, but if you don't have a problem with a Plasma or LED in 2yrs, you WONT have a problem. Plasma's over time (like 20-30 years) will slowly degrade as they are basically electrodes heating up gas to different color temperatures and that gas eventually deteriorates. And LEDs will last significantly longer than an LCD because LED's last on average 10-20yrs.

    for example, i have an LCD from 2004 and it still looks brand new. just don't drop it, and have a CLEAN power supply (can't emphasize how important this is). so unless it covers lightning strikes and power surges for those extra years, i don't see a value in it.

    and also in my retail experience as far as dealing with customer issues, LG blows money nuts. however, for ~10yrs LG made 80% of the world's flat panels (LCD and plasma) and sold them to the other companies to put their software and names on, now most companies do their own or farm it out to Mexico or China. but i don't have any experience with panasonic (my best friend won't buy anything other than panasonic though and he worked at best buy longer than i did selling tvs and being exposed to their service and product knowledge). however on THAT note, i don't think panasonic makes LCD/LEDs any more, they only do plasma because they were sucking wind compared to everyone else.
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  13. Aggregate

    Aggregate Member

    I'd be tempted to get that warranty. Less then 10% of purchase price is reasonable, and if $700 is a chunk of change to you then the piece of mind might be worth. Is it the smart financial move? Probably not. Have I seen TV electronics fry after 2 years? yes.
  14. sikwrx04

    sikwrx04 Member

    Thanks for your advices guys....i ended up getting the plasma Panasonic with the 3d and smart tv...and i gotta say that shit looks incredible with the 600hz...full motion, I can see a bit of glare from my light but not so bad to pack it back in the box and return it...

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