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    To start off i will reintroduce myself since i did the original post in the other section but i thought it would be right to do so. I have been on the site more and more lately due to more free time and wanted to start my journal of my plans. Hope you like and willing to help a fresh new mind into the scene.

    Name: Richard
    Car: 2011 Wrx base Hatch
    Current mileage: 63,617 ( i drive 300 a week just back and forth to work )

    So originally got my Wrx last April at 42kmiles and the reason i got it was for this simple fact. I wanted a Subaru! Either a Wrx or Sti, but i wanted a hatch specially once i found out they was not making a 2015 version.
    So I after months of searching, I found my wrx in Nouth Carolina. I drove about 3 hrs traded in at the time 09 Lancer Gts. After negotiating and extended warranties i drove home with this.Hope dropbox share works.

    For my bday in Decemeber I got the windows tinted at 35% off a groupon deal and now she looks like this.

    Now its 2015. I'm doing better financially and i have decided its time to do some simple mods. Now I say this I not the most knowledgeable person about modding cars thats something I'm still getting into. The only thing i have done as far as modding was help my brother do a 1jz swap into his 89 supra. Besides that I'm a newb, but with all the reading i consistently do from members journals and build threads there is a lot to learn. So thank you for all your help in understanding what these cars are capable of.


    First, which i just install on March 2,2015 where Cobb Shifter Bushings

    Next on the list i decided to go with Cobbs Short Shifter which should be here friday 3/6. The reason i went with this was mainly due to all the reading that i have done from this site:bowdown:( thank you by the way ) and the videos, the apparent whine sound that tends to happens in the lower gears i know would eventually drive me crazy. So reason for that choice.

    During the month of March i will be purchasing sway bars for the car. Now this area I'm still doing some search on not just price wise but brand wise. I have read many good reviews about whiteline and perrin. Though from my understanding as long as its minimum of 22 rear and 20 front (which i could be wrong about the front) i should be good and adjustable. Which brand should i go with? I am leaning towards whiteline mainly for price but i know its mainly personal opinion but i like to read your thoughts or links to help narrow down my search.

    After that i will be going for the Cobb AP and then a exhaust system. The Exhaust system is the one i really need to be very picky about. Mainly cause its a decent amount of $$$ but i need to know i will like it. I been trying to get to the bi-weekly meets the site has to possible hear what everyone has but due previous work arrangements and school i have not been able to but now its all game. :)

    Thats all for now thank you for reading or even taking your time to check out my journal. I will do my best to post whenever something new either arrives or happens.
    Also if none of the pics show let me know. I will find another way to put them up thanks.
    Take care.
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  2. scoobaru

    scoobaru Active Member

    Welcome!! Your Dropbox link works but none of the other pics are working for me. But sounds like you have good plans for the car!
  3. skWRX

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    Thanks. I am trying to keep it simple and modest for now. I know soon will start making my way towards the engine.

    BTY: I fix the links. But i am trying to get the pics to show up within the thread so it would be easier for everyone.
  4. TougeFighter

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    Welcome Rich!

    I would recommend a minimum 22mm front and 22 mm rear. Some people prefer the 24mm front and 22 mm rear.

    We are currently running a group buy for local enthusiasts that offers great discounts and free shipping since items can be picked up in Marietta or at a local meet like the Tuesday night dinner meets.

    Message me and I can get you a quote for the sway bars and anything else you may need cheaper than anywhere you will find listed online.

    Also, if you copy the url to your image and click on the little mountain icon on the chatbox you can insert the image URL into an image code and insert it into your box. Or just type

    [​IMG] in your message box. Looking forward to meeting you at a meet!
  5. scoobaru

    scoobaru Active Member

    Good looking car! Although I am biased to silver hatches :D
  6. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    @scoobaru its cool I'm not a big fan of the silver but I'm not going to lie i bought the first one i found. the dealership had 2 wrx on the lot and within the next 2 hours they had none. i really like that WRB color.

    @Tougefighter i will pm you. Also i tried the the image thing and it comes up with question mark as if it did not process the pic.
  7. scoobaru

    scoobaru Active Member

    Haha I was kidding man, I also own a silver hatch. I actually love the silver, never looks dirty!
  8. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    Short shifter delayed

    oh your good. and u do have a point it never does look dirty.

    But an update. Due to weather issues coming from texas my short shifter has been delay and i have no idea when I'm going to get it :|. But when i do ill update again.
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  9. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    Shifter Arrived and installed

    So after the delay from friday 3/6 to monday 3/9 i finally received this


    i am very happy. i got in installed and i am very happy with this. At first i was hearing a but of a rattle I'm not sure what it was but as i drove it reduced. It still there just a bit but its not really annoying. I listen to music or drive with the windows down so i don't ever hear it.

    Next its the Sway bars.
  10. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    Thank you to Touge Fighter for a fast delivery and working with and I'm happy to say i received my sway bars. Idk but I'm so excited whenever i get new parts in the mail. They will be installed asap most likely this weekend.
  11. Holc13WRX

    Holc13WRX Supporting Member

    Let us know what you think of the whiteline's... I need to make some suspension upgrades ASAP... This is one of the first things on the list.
  12. TougeFighter

    TougeFighter Member

    Glad I could help!

    Just let me know if you have any questions or would like a quote.
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  13. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    How can you go wrong with a Whiteline product?
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  14. skWRX

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    OK so i been away for some time. Reason being i lost a job and went through some financial trouble, but now I'm back on my feet and back at work and now looking back to get back to my project. So i have not done new updates to the vehicle since the sway bars and the short shifter installed. I'm still looking towards making more suspension and exhaust upgrades before going to the engine where i know the money pit will truly begin. But I'm happy to be back and more stable. I want to finally go to one of the dinner meet ups. Talk to you soon
  15. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    OK so Today i got my email to be a Subaru Ambassador. Definitely want to spread the love of subie gear. But Also need some advice on a pulley and new exhaust from the turbo back.
  16. Tank

    Tank Member

    Check the typical places:
    It is my understanding that if you go with something from one of these companies you can't go wrong. Based on the research that I have done I would invest in a Cobb AccessPort so that you can have the car tuned for the changes that you make. Through an intake on it with the turbo back and no tune and the car will not run properly and will cut power. If I'm wrong someone just tell me.
  17. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    yea i definitely need to invest into the accessport first before i do anything. Currently I'm looking at the perrin pulley and nameless exhaust. I like the deep tone it gives off at least from the videos i watched. I don't mind something loud but not where i can't hear the music in my car. i already have a cobb short shift and bushings and whittling sway bars front and rear.
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  18. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Nameless is always a popular, well reviewed brand. Good (potential) choice (content)
  19. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    I'm looking into the access port. and flex fuel. has intrigued my mind as of late. but i want to make sure my car is running right before i venture down that route.
  20. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Sounds like a wise decision (challengeaccepted)
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  21. skWRX

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    So with Christmas and my bday on the same month and me having a extra check next month, I will finally be able to go shopping for toys. Access port first. I would like to get my car dynoed just to see numbers anyone know pricing for the popular places like topspeed, allpro or anyone that u would suggest. Thanks in advance.

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