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  1. Ive noticed a couple of people on here have needed a service manual for the wrx so i figured id post in here so everyone would be able to find them or everyone could download them and save for a later date. I know you can buy the cd on Ebay for like $5.00 plus shipping, but i figured id give it away for free. I hope this help everyone out.
    02/03 WRX service manual
    04 Sti service manual
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  2. oucatch21

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    what about us 05 guys
  3. i havent found one of those yet. but ill look and see what i can dig up. 05 wrx right?
  4. Alex

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    For the 05 Ive found referring to the STi manual is alright. Where there's a difference in STi vs WRX, just refer to the bugeye manual.
  5. bluetwo

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    STIS has pretty much everything I think. Including year model specifics out the yin-yang. :D There are also links to End Wrench, SPT and other informative sites.
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    those links .. no longer work
  8. jt money

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    they work for me. are you on a work computer that may be blocking the sights?
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    no no the links work. click onthe 04 sti then try anything erlse on the page.. those dont work
  10. jt money

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    i see. fixed try it now.
  11. Weapon

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    works for me. I was an idiot and got my manual from ebay..ofcourse that was 3 years ago and none of it was uploaded on the net yet.
  12. cMags

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    I've got the '05 manual. I emailed Ken to see if he's interested in hosting it, but let me know if you need it, and I can host it temporarily. It's about 350mb in PDF's (about 1000 of them). Subaru decided to break the manual up into so many pieces so that you have to download them individually at a max of 20/hour with their 3-day subscription - this way you can't get the whole thing at once. Shame on SOA...
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    I still have the '03 manual somewhere on a back-up drive if somebody needs me to dig it up.
    Does anybody have a '13 Legacy manual before I go through the trouble of downloading it?

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