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Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by Matto357, Oct 12, 2014.

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    First the good:

    I recently purchased a 2015 WRX from SoG. Overall the process was very enjoyable. I dealt primarily with Gary Sikes and he did a great job getting me where I wanted to be on price. From walking in to the dealership to driving away only took an hour and most of that was getting the car prepped for delivery and gassed up. I know the reputation of SoG in the service department isn't what it used to be, from a sales standpoint it was top notch in my book. After I got the car home I noticed a dent in the Carbon fiber trunk trim piece (I'm about 98% positive it was there when I drove the car off the lot since it's in a very odd spot to get a dent and also...carbon fiber). They took one look at it and decided to order a new piece to replace it.

    And for the bad:

    I spent a good bit of time looking for exactly what I wanted (DGM limited) and visited every dealership in Atlanta looking for that car. Unfortunately nothing like it was coming in soon to any of the dealerships, or so I was told. During my two visits to Stivers Subaru I was not impressed with the dealership from a sales standpoint. The first time I was basically ignored until I started asking for help. There seemed to be no interest in getting me in a car.

    The second time I visited I had a better experience with the sales person I was dealing with but the environment was a little childish. Anyone who has met me knows I really don't give a crap about language but I found it hilarious that the whole time I was there everyone was cussing up a storm (and quite loudly). The kicker came this weekend when they called to say that the car I had been looking for (DGM limited) had been delivered. Needless to say I was annoyed. They searched the system that tells them what is en-route to the dealership and there was some confusion as to what was actually coming. Instead of figuring it out (Surely they have some way of tracking what they have actually ordered) they just sent me on my way. Basically losing a sale because I would have gladly waited a week.
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    I bought my STi from Stivers. I'll say this...the only reason I even went near that place was because they were the only dealership that still had a brand new 2014 STi. Otherwise...stay away. Far away.

    There's another thread here where a member is talking about how Stivers put his BRZ through the wringer, including mis-matching different sized rims front to back and damaging them severely.

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