Dealer Review SOG Service heading south?

Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by MikeJ, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. MikeJ

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    This is what i just submitted to the "how was our service" link from SOG. I just had a 100K mile service, plus valve cover gaskets ($1,378) done on my 08 STI:

    IF I come back to SOG it will be because Jill Thurston is outstanding. Otherwise I would NOT return. The service dept. is going the way of Strivers. Indicator 1: the schedule service link on your web site has been dead for weeks. Indicator 2: I used the Reply To link on Herb Hoffman’s email about time for service – crickets. Indicator 3: when I arrived for service, someone I had never seen before (did not introduce themselves) asked for my keys. I wondered if my car was being stolen by some bum off the street (the same thing happened when I returned the loaner). Indicator 4: Jill and I agreed you would take my car for a test drive since it was getting a 100K mile service. That did not happen. In fact, you did not even bring my car to normal operating temperature. How can you do a 110 K service and not even warm it up to see if everything was done correctly? After leaving the shop, I noticed the smell of burning oil. When I stopped at a traffic light about 10 miles from SOG white smoke came from the TMIC scoop and front edge of the hood. I pulled off and checked for fire or leak. When the smoke cleared (right bottom of motor) I went on home (5 more miles). At home, when I shut the car off a huge plume of white smoke came from the right bottom of the motor. After repeatedly warming the car, checking the oil level and letting it cool, the smoke stopped. This morning after coming to work (22 miles) there was no smoke. But the burning oil smell was so pervasive, I had to drive with the windows down in the rain. Hopefully, by the time I get home tonight the oil will have cooked off.
  2. orndog

    orndog Member

    Apparently we have no dealers in the Atlanta area that we can trust. So sad.

    Places to get a car serviced? Allpro
    Places not to? The rest.
  3. Matto357

    Matto357 Crazyazn likes Naps Staff Member

    Have you talked to SoG about your issues?
  4. digitizedsoul

    digitizedsoul Moderation is a vice Supporting Member

    Not the least bit surprised.
    And somehow they are still able to expand the entire place dramatically. I still take my wifes 13 impreza there simply so I can blame them for ANYTHING that happens to it but I don't even cross the parking lot in my STI.
    Last time I went there in it to get some blue oil filters half the tech's stopped working to come look at it and ask 500 questions. All the while they had about 6 waiters in the waiting room, I felt bad for them and when I realized it cut the conversations short.

    Sloppy work from their tech's is par for the course. Don't even get me started on Herb Hoffman dude need's a serious reality check. If his daughter wasn't cool and used to hang out at TPS pizza before it closed my parting ways with him may have been dramatically different, so thank her Herb since I know you read these forums. Eventually at the rate you make enemies, you'll lose the draw on them having the moral fiber required to restrain themselves.

    All pro is absolutely the only place to go in Atlanta. Now that they have King up there alongside Brandon you simply can't go wrong.

    Oh and the alignment machine @ SOG is completely mis-calibrated and WILL put your car OUT of alignment (not in) but will produce a nice "green" calibration report for them to come show you. The circa-1971 alignment machine at Allpro still works beautifully and is a testament to how well they take care of their tools (and your car).
  5. J_P

    J_P I like pudding pops Supporting Member

    I had a horrible experience there after SS and Will no longer worked there..NEVER again. AllPro IS the answer to all of your maintenance and upgrade concerns. Although I appreciate what Matto is suggesting service at both SOG and Stivers over the last 6-8 years earn them the designation "stealership".

    If there was oil residue left in the engine bay they should degreased and cleaned it up before returning the car to you. AllPro certainly did when they replaced my valve cover gaskets and cam seals on my newest addition a few months ago.

    If you care about your Subaru and want good honest service there is only 1 answer in the state ... AllPro
  6. MikeJ

    MikeJ New Member

    Matto357 said:
    I checked the "Have the Service Manager Contact Me" box on the survey. So far, nothing. Still waiting.

    The follow is pure speculation. Every previous visit, I have rated SOG as top notch. A couple of days later, I always received a survey from SOA. This time no SOA survey?!?!? I’m sure SOG would not send SAO the contact info on only the people that gave them good reviews. Would they?

    I only work about 3 miles from Six Star. Are they still highly regarded?
  7. Matto357

    Matto357 Crazyazn likes Naps Staff Member

    Six star is highly regarded. I wouldn't ever hesitate to take my car there
  8. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    you remember that he's a BMW factory trained master tech as well? :)
  9. Matto357

    Matto357 Crazyazn likes Naps Staff Member

    I did not know that!
  10. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    I will say this about SOG. I went in for a oil change last summer and after leaving I heard a clunking sound that shortly went away shortly after by the time I got home by 316 and 120. The following day after driving home from work in Clarkston,ga the clunking noise returns and I pulled over to the side of the road, open the hood to see the turbo bright red. Mind you I don't drive hard or redline the car and after owning the car for a year have never heard that noise before. I check my oil and to my surprise little to no oil was on the stick. Had my car towed to my house and then the following morning towed to SOG. Metal shaving was found in the block. Luckily for insurance I purchase when I bought the car. If not I would have to pay for a brand new engine. Since then I never went back other then to buy filters. $70 oil changed turn into a $200 ( Warranty cover majority of the bill of the certified used engine or what ever lingo they used ). But like everyone Jill is the main and only reason I tolerate at place. I'll have to Check out Allpro
  11. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    uhh. if that were really the case, you should have immediately contacted the dealer. it's on them to make it right.
  12. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    You can come see me at Classic Subaru, I'll take care of you

    This, it is the dealerships job to make it right if anything is wrong. and if they can't then Subaru will get involved.
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  13. orndog

    orndog Member

    Classic is where I bought my car and where I tell everybody to buy theirs. Eric is the man.
    My quote that you quoted was in response to me asking for recommendations and not getting any. It wasn't meant to be disparaging against Classic in any way. Now SoK tried to destroy my car and never took any of my complaints seriously. Subaru made SoK's wanton destruction right, and Classic recently updated my ECU for me after spending quite a while trying to track down my problems. So far my car hasn't refused to accelerate since.
  14. skWRX

    skWRX Member

    Matt if your referring to my post I did contact the dealer. They protested and debated me down that there was in oil in my car when I left and tried to make it seem as if I did something in the within the 30 miles I drove the car. It really frustrates me on the fact that they have worked on my car before and know I take care of it. Jill has had always been the person they handles my concerns the best she can.
  15. monk

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    God, I miss those days...

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