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Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by BelvnAWD, May 13, 2005.

  1. BelvnAWD

    BelvnAWD I'm Vin, Bell-Vin...

    I purchased my 2004 Aspen White WRX Sedan there in September of last year after I totaled my Miata. I worked with a salesperson who, I believe, is no longer there. The experience was pleasant and professional. I believe that SOG is probably not the absolute best place to try to get the lowest deal possible, however, it was the best buying experience that I had found. I felt comfortable with the sales staff and manager. They didn't try to sell me any more or less than what I asked for. the sales person was honest about his desire to make money off the sale and didn't get offended when I stood firm on my price. I have taken my car their for service one time and found things to run smoothly and the service was performed to my expectations. Scott Siegel at SOG has a glowing reputation on this board as a tuner and race instructor and I have always found him to be willing to chat when I have been at the dealership. All in all , you may not find the absolute lowest price here, but you will get the best customer service in the area...
  2. married05gt

    married05gt starting over

    I second that, I bought mywrx at SOG and had avery good experience.
  3. PapitoSTi

    PapitoSTi Member

    I also second that. Probably the best Subaru Dealership in the south. I did not buy mines from SOG but they are my primary service dealership. Until I bought an EVO 8
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  4. 5spdfrk

    5spdfrk Active Member

    I agree, I had to have some warranty work done, and even with my mods they took care of it. Scott, and the others there are good guys and I wish they were closer so I could go there more often and do more business.
  5. Slack

    Slack I take peekture, CLEEK! Supporting Member

    SOG is the best place to get Subaru parts in the Atlanta area. Lisa rocks! :D

  6. ShaneSTI

    ShaneSTI Active Member

    went to SOG and i guess i got the wrong sales guy cause he pissed me off. i then went to Troncalli in Cumming and got an awesome deal. no haggling, bs'n or any of that. they took my offer on the spot. SOG didn't wanna even come close to what i was offering. also the sales adviser Pete is awesome! not saying SOG is bad cause I'm sure I'm going to be dealing with Scott when I get back.
  7. lostinthewoods

    lostinthewoods Frisco Tx Baller

    SOG was good to me. :D
  8. Weapon

    Weapon 90lbs of dynamite Supporting Member

    SOG service rocks!!
  9. ScoobyMike

    ScoobyMike OG Mod

    yeah they are really good about that kinda stuff
  10. Genya

    Genya No Longer Up At Odd Hours

    My experience. To this day I waffle on ever dealing with them again.

    Short version.

    Go to dealer, inform them strut knocks, states that the strut knock is internal and due to my pinks. Tech races around in my car diagnosing a 5mph clunk. They void my suspension warrenty and charge me while keeping car for days. The "Regional that no one could prove they spoke to(when asked to leave him a v/m they got offended) But the problem is they disassembled the strut, and its defective!!! Oh NoeS! When I get home, the problem is not the strut internally like they say, its the fact that the swaybar(stock) flipped, snapping the endlink clean in two. I doubt they even spoke to the regional, becuase when I got upset about it they would provide no verification he was contacted. I still have the "Defective" strut on the car clunk free. The endlinks are now perrin. Cost to get misdiagnosed $100.00

    Once again thas jus me, your results may vary.

    Ugh.. i get mad thinking about it still! lol
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  11. PapitoSTi

    PapitoSTi Member

  12. BelvnAWD

    BelvnAWD I'm Vin, Bell-Vin...

    Just wanted to say thanks for being courteous in your assessment of SOG, even though your experience wasn't the best. That is what I really like about our group, we have fun, but are mature when we need to be! :wiggle:
  13. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    I have also had a few bad experiences with SoG, and every time I waver about going back. The only problem is, every other subaru dealership I have tried is worse (read: Classic).

    About a month ago I had my strut replaced under warranty. I had an appointment for 11:00 or so am, and was there right on time. I ended up hanging out with siegel all day, helping him work on his spec. miata I sat in the shop, watching my car not being worked on for 3.5 hours. Finally, at 2:30, a tech started looking at my car. It took him anoter 2 hours to get the strut "fixed." I say "fixed," because as I was on my way home from SoG, the car was pulling to the right. I immediately drive back and talk to Neil. We go back into the shop and talk to the other tech, the one who didnt work on my car. He says that the alignment bolt was "marked" and therefore the car is in the exact same alignment that it was before. Neil tells me that there is no way that he can do an alignment today because it is so late and he tells me to come back on Monday (it was the last Friday of my spring break).

    Stupidly, I didn't check under the hood immediately. About a month later (read: last week) I had my hood up and was refilling my washer reservoir when I notice one of the bolts on my left front strut, the one they replaced, was completely sheered off. I figure it has to be something that they have done, because if it had happened while driving, there would be some damage to where the nut rested on the strut mount.

    Thats my rant about SoG, and next time I need service I am gonna try Troncalli.


    PS - sorry for that being so damn long
  14. married05gt

    married05gt starting over

    Heres the deal, No dealership is going to be perfact but from my experience and that of many others sog is the best one in this area to go to. Although they have their problems they are far more likely to fix a warrenty problem than any dealer/manufacturer I have ever had a problem with.
  15. ShaneSTI

    ShaneSTI Active Member

    Pete is the sales advisor at Troncalli. He was very helpful with fixing some flaws I noticed on the car when I initially purchased it. I had zero complaints about Troncalli. First time ever have I NOT had a complaint about a dealer.
    BTW, if your interested in an STi for a good price...PM me on what I got mine there for and see if SoG can beat that.hmm
  16. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    Yes I know that every dealership will have its problem and this may be an isolated case. I brought my car up there and they ordered the part that they needed. 2 days later I came back to have the new strut mount installed (under warrenty) and after being there for about 2 hours or so, the mechanic comes and tells one of the service guys something about my car. The guy comes and tells me that they broke my strut while trying to install the new top mount. They now have to order another part :weaksauce Surprisingly they give me a loaner car (I am 20 years old) and tell me that the new part will be in the next day and that they will call me. I call back the next day and they wouldnt have the part until around 2:00 that afternoon which was fine with me. Steve, the service guy, told me I will call you when the car is done. I told him thanks that will be awesome....the 2.5rs that they gave me was an autotragic :wtc: So 2 hours later I call Steve back and he tells me, Oh yeah youre car is done you can come on by and pick it up. Great, it is now 4:00 on a friday in Atlanta and I have to drive across the busiest part of north atlanta in order to get my car. I got up there and they tried to charge me for the part that they had originally broken (the strut mount) but that got a Hell No from me and Steve said, Ok have a nice day.

    They seemed to redeem themselves a little bit, but I am still gonna try Troncalli next. If they are worse than SoG, then I will be back, but it is a pain in the ass to drive 45 mins to the car dealership everytime that I need something done.


    ps - sorry for that being so long and so rantish
  17. MrCoffeeATL

    MrCoffeeATL Member

    I've had no problems with Classic thus far and it's the only place I go to. It's just down the street so unless I get some bad service in the future or want warrantee work that they might deny me on, I'll probably stick with em. I have heard good things about SOG though.
  18. SJ LGT

    SJ LGT New Member

    I second that MrCoffeeATL: I bought my car at classic and took it in for a warranty pull and the guy was nice and had my car ready and washed when i passed back by on my way home from work to pick it up. My friend Korey bought his car at SoG and had a very good experience too.
  19. Tom's WRX

    Tom's WRX Member

    SoG, hmmmm..... um, not a fan. wait, wait, get some bs, wait some more, get lied to, wait some more, get pissed, ask questions, dont get good answers, leave. thats my assessment. whats a review without someone on the far end. i hate letting anyone touch any vehicle of mine, thats why i do it all myself, tuning... im sure scott is a great tuner, but i wont be doing my ekuteck there.
  20. married05gt

    married05gt starting over

    So far I have bought two cars from sog and I have never had a better car buying exp. Out of 10 cars I have bought sog gave me the best trade values and the best bottom line price. As long as Im buyng subys they will be bought and maintaned by SOG.
  21. Merc

    Merc New Member

    Classic or SoG?

    I bought my car recently at Classic because I got a better price than at SoG but the service seems to be lacking at Classic.

    Here is what recently occured; you decide:

    Called ahead with a problem that I believe is OL/CL delay and that I had been burning about 1Q oil per 3K miles?. They said to bring it in the next day and a tech would ride with me. When I arrived the next am (8:30) as requested they could not find my appt but took me anyway. I asked about the tech to drive with me and they said never mind and that it would be looked at. The shuttle driver was MIA and took about 45 mins to be located. I called at 1pm and 3pm to follow-up and was told that the service record was still open and the car was being looked at. Called back at 4pm and the service manager for the Suby side said that they had not had a chance to look at my car yet and could I leave it for another day. Since I live 50 miles away, I had to pick it up. However, when I arrived no one could find my car, paperwork, or the Suby Svc Mgr for about 30 mins. Finally they found my car but no record it had been "received". They apologized, I got a pat on the back (literally) and was told that the problem was Turbo-Lag. I asked about the Oil issues and he said, oh, well you need to bring it back for us to check the oil every 1K miles for us to log it.

    Gosh, if it was not for the shuttle delay I would be back!

    Ok, seriously, it was one fumble after another and my trust and confidence has been lost. I am sure they are all good folks but maybe over-booked / worked.

    I will give the SoG guys a try and let you all know how it goes.

    I have a '04 WRX with 10K miles on it; No Mods, just a KN Flat Filter
  22. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    I think the major problem with Classic is that its a Caddy dealer first, Subi second. I bet if you drove an Escalade you wouldn't wait at all...
  23. Goose013

    Goose013 Member

    Ed Voyles is not bad, so far I haven't had any complaints. Mr. Pilgrim is very straight forward and prob. saved me some $$. I brought my wrx in to have my tranny looked at because it won't downshift into first with any rpms. They got right on it and he told me its prob. the shift fork and if its that, warranty won't cover the cost of the part and then put it back together. He told me to just drive it cause it won't get any worse. Its been fine since then. (my girlfriend slammed it into gear while revving the engine...wrong car to teach her how to drive a 5 speed) Also my recall work was handled while my oil was being changed very quickly. No complaints so far :)
  24. MrCoffeeATL

    MrCoffeeATL Member

    Well Classic Subaru took me in for a whine issue from the front left wheel well. I had had a previous case that had "mysteriously" dissaperared from the computer. The whine is the brake pad rubbing against the rotor and the classic guys just look at me funny saying " the car will make some noises from time to time". I've brought it in twice and even though i have the single cat no muffler exhast, i can still hear it. I'm sick of trying classic and having them treat me like i'm a fool so i'll go to SOG and see what they say. Classic just lost my business by treating me like a second rate customer. What is up with 3 hour oil changes too? It's a 20 min Job?!?!?!

    Update: I went to SOG and loved it. They took the time to explain the noise i was hearing was the rotor rubbing on the pad and even drove it around to show me it wasn't a problem. We even found out that buyers subaru in Ohio had lied to me about the noise. I was glad they didn't dismiss me completely since i had modified the car as classic did. The service writer even went out of his way to get their performance guy (scott) to talk to me once i mentioned some wastegate flutter. Even the young lady at the parts desk was friendly and helpful and didn't seem put out that i was asking a whole lot of questions about parts. The best part was that I got all my brake noise issue and wastegae flutter questions asked plus an oil change (21k service) in an hour less time than it took classic to do just an oil change. :) Fantastic
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  25. PapitoSTi

    PapitoSTi Member

    The only problem I had with SOG was that my uppipe heatshield had cracked and it was rattling, but SOG will not replace it because I had a turboback exhaust. So I had to buy my own uppipe and install it myself. What does a TBE have to do with the uppipe? I asked. Answer: We won't report this to Subaru. That was the last time I took the STi there. So the new owner has a Helix uppipe. LOL
  26. 1984

    1984 Member

    If you like to modify your car, avoid Classic service department like the plague. It took me 6 hours to get an oil change and alignment. The tech doing my alignment took a pry bar to my camber plates. I also brought my own oil and they still tried to charge me for oil. Worst experience Evar!
  27. Superdude

    Superdude Active Member

    I had a '96 GT that i bought used from there (it was Royal Subaru then). i brought it in for something simple, oil change or something of that nature. A DAY LATER, i got a call to come pick it up. When i got in my car, the e-brake release button was broken and the handle wouldn't stay in the up possion. i didn't even drive out of the garage yet. they played stupid, like it was broken before i brought it in. finally, after a huge show of yelling, the service manager waddled out and asked what the problem was. his excuse was that they aren't resposible for any damage that happens to the car on-site. he went so far as to say; if they take your car out for a test drive and get into an accident, they are STILL not responsible! What the hell is that. i live 5 minuets from that dearler and i will never go on their proporty EVER AGAIN. i sold the car with the broken e-brake and show the kid buying it how to pull the button out evertime he uses it. THEY SUCK! sorry if i offened anyone, but 5 years later i'm still sitter about that day. :wtc:
  28. Merc

    Merc New Member

    SoG's Service Deparment was great. Dropped off for an oil change + tire rotation today and mentioned the squeak coming from my a/c. They took it seriously and turned it all around PDQ. I'll be back
  29. xjenjenx

    xjenjenx Member

    i like troncalli. sog didnt even want to help me out with the price of the sti. but troncalli worked with me and i got a great price. the service guy could be a little nicer though.
  30. ShaneSTI

    ShaneSTI Active Member

    couldn't agree with you anymore on that. we bought our car at troncalli after going to SoG first. SoG didn't wanna budge an inch on the price. I went to Troncalli and we were driving off the lot in our STi in an hour! They gave us an awesome deal that I don't think any other dealer would have gave us. Also, Pete the service advisor there is very helpful.
  31. Trey

    Trey Active Member

    Yeah, I looked at SoG for my STi and they wouldn't budge on the price even though 12 STi's were on the lot. I guess they didn't want to sell them that day. I looked all over the SE on the Subaru website and found that SoJAX FL had 15 STi's on their lot and they were willing to sell for $500 over invoice. I had them ship it to me and couldn't have been happier.

    I have taken my car to SoG for Service and wasn't impressed either. Went for an oil change and the young tech forgot to put the belly pan bolts back in, I just happened to notice it when I got home because I was switching my wheels and saw it hanging funny. Went in another time to have tires mounted and an alignment, and all four of my wheels were scratched. They had them repainted but within a month all four looked even worse. I did get a "spare" set off a wrecked STi as they did not want to buy me new wheels. They also mounted the sticky wheel weights in such a way that they were hitting the front brake calipers. Both now have nice chips in the gold paint. I went back, after Scott worked there and he mounted the sticky weights behind the wheel spokes. Looked like total poop and all of them were off by the time I got home, 2 miles away.

    I just get my oil changed there now, so it's on record, and do everything else myself.
  32. siegelracing

    siegelracing Registered Vendor<br><b><font color="#666666">bion

    I've never known any of our techs to put the sticky weights on in a way that would hit the calipers. As far as I know they have always been aware of that and careful to avoid it.

    As for me putting the weights behind the spokes, you are the only one who has ever complained about that, most people liked them there...

    The right way to balance a tire is with some on the inside and some on the outside. The least obtrusive way to mount them on the outer edge is behind the spokes...

  33. Trey

    Trey Active Member

    Like I mentioned, it was befroe you were there. Porter was the Performance specialist at the time. You did comment on why you were putting them on the spokes, the second time, and I just thought the chips on my calipers were rock chips then you said putting the weights in the inside will chip the calipers and the light came on. :) It was from the first time when the tires were mounted.

    I don't see how I'm the only one that has mentioned your weight mounting technique. I swear, two miles later and the weights were off the wheel, as in gone. They didn't stick very well. Maybe it's just me but they didn't look good there either. I've just gone back to the old skool tap on weights. SOA uses it, works for me. :D
  34. siegelracing

    siegelracing Registered Vendor<br><b><font color="#666666">bion

    We've got the tap on ones too... Sorry about the lack of stick. If you had brought it back we would have fixed it...

  35. Trey

    Trey Active Member

    The wheels didn't vibrate at speed so it was all gravy. :p
  36. siegelracing

    siegelracing Registered Vendor<br><b><font color="#666666">bion

  37. Goose013

    Goose013 Member

    Well, I'm taking my WRX in tomorrow to SOG for wheel bearings and we'll see how things go. Just as I was going to do it myself I remembered I had the extended warranty. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. With every dealership there are ups and downs, it all depends on who works on your car. My uncle owns a 5 star Jeep dealership and was #1 in the world for several years running; even their service dept had some screw ups occasionally...most dealerships will fix any problem they cause or get help if they can't; so I don't panic. Damn Ed Voyles for closing their Subaru dealership, now I have to drive 40mi to get warranty work done!
  38. monk

    monk <b>The Kitchen Ninja!!!!</b>

    not rag on a particular person, but make sure the gm's kid doesn't work on it. twice he touched it and twice he screwed up. the last time he aligned my car to a nissan maxima... no twinkies for him.
  39. rolling_trip

    rolling_trip Active Member

    be glad it's not 80 miles
  40. Goose013

    Goose013 Member

    that's true, you could prob find a dealership in AL that is closer
  41. BigDawg

    BigDawg New Member

    MMM, gravy...

    I have had a good experience with SOA so far. They treated me right with the sale of my STi and Scott has be an asset since I met him. Too bad he is a Cobb AP hater though. ;)

    Trey, that sucks that your calipers got screwed up.
  42. dlowman

    dlowman Member

    everyone makes a mistake occasionally. But I would trust Scott to work on my car. He is a good guy. Thanks SOG, scott and lisa for the fun times and gifts tonight.

  43. MarkM2016GTI

    MarkM2016GTI Supporting Member

    Thanks to everybody at SoG for the nice evening and it was great hanging out with my Subie Homies...Great Burritos by the way...The 06 looks tight and I love that black STi in the back lot...


  44. Trey

    Trey Active Member

    Yes, Homer. :D

    Shiot happens though so it's not that big a deal when there are pleanty of other things to worry about in life.

    Oh and I too had an AP, but ditched it after a month for the ECUtek. I'm happy. :) Scott will do you right with a tune.
  45. BigDawg

    BigDawg New Member

    Naw, I am sticking with the AP. He mentioned that he would like to do the Cobb ProTUNER, but it may not be in the cards thanks to SOG. I am not sweating it though. I would rather have end user function so that I can tune the maps myself. After being an end user tuner for this long, you think I want to give that up and let someone else do all my tuning? Hell no. No one else but me and my close (VERY trusted) friends work on my cars and I will not ride around with someone else's tune unless I have some input/control. I have the StreetTUNER software and some other goodies sitting here waiting on install as well. ;)
  46. siegelracing

    siegelracing Registered Vendor<br><b><font color="#666666">bion

    Hopefully we ("I" if necessary) will have Protuner soon...

  47. Goose013

    Goose013 Member

    my experience was just ok, I don't think they liked me because I was just there for the warranty work. I already had everything else done at Ed Voyles. Ed Voyles is 5min from my house, not my fault they closed down and I had to bring my suby there for work. Voyles will still service but no warranty work. Kind of snooty to say the least. The loaner car was nice though. Wish Ed Voyles was still open. No offense to Scott, Lisa
  48. rolling_trip

    rolling_trip Active Member

    They have been very good to me. I bought my sti in macon, at dealership that no longer sells subies. I took my car up there becuase of a bad injector, and they fixed it with no question, even though the car is slightly modded. They were kind enough to give me a loan, which i enturned wrecked, their response to that, "Things like that happen, glad you are ok." My car will always go up there, and when it comes time to trade in, they will be my first stop.
  49. UGASTIDreamer

    UGASTIDreamer New Member

    Did I do something wrong?

    I went in to SOG today just to sit in an STI to make sure its a fit for me and get a feel for the dealership. I've switched to an STI after test driving an SRT-4 and not really being impressed by it (esp after finding out they dont have cruise control which I have to have to keep me from getting an abundance of speeding tickets). I saw an STI in the showroom and assumed it was the 06, so parked and was met by a salesperson (Chris??? Slender gentleman w/ grey hair and English/Aussie accent) before I could get into the showroom. I explained that Troncalli had a WRB 06 on the lot for 6 hours last week and that when I spoke with them they were employee pricing the STI's, to which he immediately indicated is not available at SOG, and not allow by Subaru. I said it amounted to the price being about $500 below MSRP. While sitting in the car I let him know I'm not in a huge hurry, and I will get a WRB w/ gold STI and I won't pay MSRP. He says he'll be back, and comes back saying he can sell me a STI for 500 less than MSRP (What!?! Against Subaru rules?!?) and can have it there on Tuesday if I give him a deposit of $1000. I explain that I don't want a car that has been driven from one dealer to another, I want a zero milage car, and I'm doing 100% financing through Capital One, so I don't want to leave a deposit. He says "well come back when your check comes in the mail", and I say ok, shake his hand and ask for his card, to which he says sure and that he'll be right back. He comes back and says they'll have a Blue w/ Gold STI brought in on a flatbed and will take a check but not deposit it as a deposit until my Cap One check comes in. So I say, well since you dropped your price $500, I'm going to see what troncalli will do. To which he immediately becomes pissed and in a fit of disgust says fine, and immediately leads us to the door. As I go out I say to him "Nice attitude", then leave his card in the lot so he can recycle it.

    What did I do wrong (other than littering)? I was ready to come back and buy at SOG unless Troncalli significantly dropped their price (which I doubt on a new model) since SOG is closest to me, and the reputation of Scott in the service dept) . I really don't like to be pushed like that when $35k+ of my money is on the line. Oh well.
  50. siegelracing

    siegelracing Registered Vendor<br><b><font color="#666666">bion

    Not that you did anything wrong, but there is an explanation:

    You need to know that new car sales does not make much money. Normally they actually lose money but bring in customers, hopefully repeat buyers and customers to service, where, obviously, some net money is made. Anyway, the reason they were upset is that they did everything you asked, pushed it to the absolute limit, where they were likely losing money (flatbed's ain't cheap, even to us) and you still wanted to go elsewhere...

    As an employee we are offered $100 over cost on any car on the lot. Customers often end up better than that. In other words, you pushed until they were likely making next to nothing, and then it wasn't good enough...

    Not that it excuses any unprofessional behavior, but he obviously realized you were not buying a car then, no matter what, so you were leaving, right?


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