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Discussion in 'General Community' started by Alpharettawrx, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    IMG_9400.JPG Hi everyone, thought I'd post this pic to see if you guys can spot the differences. Unike the traditional spot the difference game where you get two pics side-by-side, this one is a bit more challenging. You'd have to just spot the differences from memory (i.e. if you have any memory of the 2016+ WRX interior)
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  2. hall

    hall New Member

    I'll play... bottom post of the steering wheel is blacked out. How'd I do? :) Nice ride, same car for me. Limited with Eyesight correct?
  3. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    You got 1/6 (yougotitdude) (and yup, what color is yours?)
  4. Justin V

    Justin V Member

    paddle shifter and chrome rings around vents. brake pedal delete
  5. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    Around vents yes. That's 2/6. (no changes in paddle shifter or brake pedal ;))
  6. hall

    hall New Member

    How about you actually used the non rubber floormats! That's a difference right? :) Mine's WRB btw with you guessed it, rubber mats.

    Oh! Blacked out shift knob and surround trim on yours too!
  7. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    WRB is awesome!

    Shift knob 3, Shift surround 4. I just realized there are actually 7 differences/mods in total. :confused:
    Therefore so far 4/7.

    Rubbermats, negative. (I have them, just don't use em)
  8. hall

    hall New Member

    Thanks! Black HVAC knobs. Figured that out when I was driving mine today...

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  9. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    That's 5/7 :)

    I feel like I might have to reveal the other 2. One is very visible, the other kinda needs a closer look.

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