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    Thought I'd pull this over from NASIOC. It has to be one of the most useful threads I've ever read and I thought I'd cross it for those who shy away from NASIOC. A big thank you to ami2fst4u over there for this.

    General Info for the 04' USDM STi:

    04' STi bolt pattern = 5x100
    04' STi BBS wheels = 17x7.5_ET53__(16.5 lbs)

    Wheels that fit the 04' STi (sizes and offsets):

    17” wheels:

    Rage Breaker = 17x7_ET42... (fastline)
    Enkei CDR9 = 17x7_ET40
    Enkei ES-Tarmac = 17x8.5_ET48__(16 lbs)... (Red Rocket)
    Enkei ES-Tarmac = 17x9_ET50_(16 lbs)... (Red Rocket)
    Enkei RS5 = 17x7_ET40__(19.8 lbs)... (ralyrcr)
    Enkei RS6 = 17x7.5_ET38... (clong on
    Enkei RPF-1 = 17x8_ET45__(15.5 lbs)... (rharder)
    Volk SE37K = 17x8_ET38 & ET44... (Rayswheels website)
    Volk SE37K = 17x8.5_ET50... (Rayswheels website)
    Volk TE37 = 17x8_ET44... (wgknestrick)
    Volk LE37T = 17x8.5_ET50__(15 lbs)... (horshack)
    Volk CE28N = 17x7.5_ET33__(13.8 lbs)... (Rayswheels website)
    Volk CE28N = 17x8__ET38 & ET44... (Rayswheels website)
    Volk CE28N = 17x8.5_ET40 & ET44... (Rayswheels website)
    Volk CE28N = 17x9_ET43__(14.8 lbs)... (Rayswheels website)
    STi RS-ZERO = 17x8_ET40... (Rayswheels website)
    5Zigen FN01RC = 17x8_ET35__(16.5 lbs)... (Z1 Performance)
    5Zigen Pro-Racer GN+ = 17x8.5_ET48... (Silver-Bolt)
    ASA KA3 = 17x7.5_ET48__(23.4 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    ASA JH3 = 17x7.5_ET48__(22.0 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Advan Racing V2 = 17x8.5_ET45... (Z1 Performance)
    Advan RG-II = 17x8.5_ET43... (Gruppe-S)
    Advan RG = 17x8.5_ET43__(16.5 lbs)... (WorldOne)
    Advan RS = 17x8.5_ET43... (Gruppe-S)
    Advan TCII = 17x8.5_ET45... (WorldOne)
    OEM UK/JDM STi (ver. 7)= 17x7. 5_ET53... (wrx what)
    Rota Tarmac II = 17x7.5_ET48... (SubyDude)
    Rota SDR = 17x7.5_ET48__(18 lbs)... (SubyDude)
    Rota Torque = 17x8_ET48__(18.1 lbs)... (SubyDude)
    Rota Rev = 17x8_ET48__(18.1 lbs)... (SubyDude)
    Rota Boost = 17x8_ET48... (SubyDude)
    Rota Grid = 17x8_ET48... (SubyDude)
    Rota Slipstream = 17x8_ET48... (SubyDude)
    Rota Slipstream = 17x8.5_ET48__(21.0 lbs)... (SubyDude)
    Compomotive TH2 = 17x7.5_ET53
    Compomotive TH3 = 17x7.5_ET53__(22 lbs)... (mazdman)
    Work Meister S1-1P = 17x8.0_ET46... (Z1 Performance)
    Work Emotion CR KAI = 17x8_ET47... (Z1 Performance)
    SSR Competition = 17x8.5_ET48__(14.9 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT7 = 17x7.5_ET48__(16.8 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT2 = 17x8.5_ET48__(15.9 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Racing Sparco Tarmacs = 17x7_ET48__(20.5 lbs)... (garlo)

    18” wheels:

    Buddy Club P1 II Plus = 18x8_ET48__(21.0 lbs)... (UrbanImport)
    Crimson K6 = 18x8_ET46... (Z1 Performance)
    STi RS-ZERO = 18x7.5_ET53... (G-force)
    Speedline Turini = 18x8_ET48... (UKjon)
    Enkei RPF-1 = 18x8_ET45__(17.8 lbs)... (ami2fst4u)
    5Zigen Pro Racer GN+ = 18x8.5_ET48... (South Coast Subaru)
    5Zigen FN01RC = 18x8.5_ET48... (Aerosim Research Ltd)
    Gram Lights 57Pro = 18x8_ET40... (imminence)
    Gram Lights 57F-Pro = 18x8_ET37 & ET43... (Rayswheels website)
    G-Games 77W/vaio = 18x8.5_ET42... (byroll01)
    BBS RE = 18x8_ET50__(19.0 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Crimson K6 = 18x8_ET46__(20.8 lbs)
    Compomotive MO = 18x8_ET53
    Black Racing Pro N1 = 18x8_ET45
    Advan RG-II = 18x8.5_ET45__(18.0 lbs)... (Fizz Autosports)
    Advan RCII = 18x8.5_ET45... (WorldOne)
    Rota Tarmac II = 18x7.5_ET48__(18.1 lbs)... (SubyDude)
    Rota Formula Mesh = 18x8_ET48__(21.1 lbs)... (SubyDude)
    Prodrive Special Edition P1 (STi Specific) = 18x7.5_ET46__(21 lbs)... (
    Prodrive GC-010 = 18x8_ET43__(17.75 lbs)... (
    Prodrive GC-06 = 18x8_ET43__(17.25 lbs)... (
    Prodrive GC-07 = 18x8_ET43__(17.25 lbs)... (
    Prodrive PFF7 = 18x8_ET51__(20.25 lbs)... (
    Volk GT-N = 18x7.5_ET37... (PhastM3)
    Volk GT-C (Face 1) = 18x8_ET42... (STi - IMPREZA)
    Volk CE28N = 18x7.5_ET33... (Rayswheels website)
    Volk CE28N = 18x8_ET38 & ET44... (Rayswheels website)
    Volk CE28N = 18x8.5_ET40 & ET44__(15.2 lbs)... (Rayswheels website)
    Work Emotion CR KAI = 18x7.5_ET42... (Z1 Performance)
    Work Emotion Forged = 18x7.5_ET42__(17.4 lbs)... (Z1 Performance)
    OZ Superleggera III = 18x8_ET48... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT10 = 18x8__(23.4 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR Competition = 18x8.5_ET48__(15.0 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT7 = 18x8_ET48... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Speed Star Wheels SP1 = 18x8.5_ET47__(22.5 lbs)... (sev)
    SSR GT2 = 18x8.5_ET48__(17.2 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT7-H = 18x8_ET48... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Speed Star Wheels D5R = 18x8.5__(24.7 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Velox ZETA 5 = 18x7.5_ET47...(subarudaikin & Velox website)
    Velox ZETA 8 = 18x7.5_ET47...(subarudaikin & Velox website)
    Velox ZETA K = 18x7.5_ET47...(subarudaikin & Velox website)

    19" wheels:

    G-Games 77W/vaio = 19x8_ET42... (Rizzo314)
    Speed Star Wheels D5R = 19x8__(25.1 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Speed Star Wheels SP1 = 19x8.5__(23.4 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT10 = 19x8__(25.1 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR Comp-H = 19x8__(19.0 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    OZ Superleggera = 19x8_ET48... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Volk CE28N = 19x8_ET35 & ET43... (Rayswheels website)
    Volk CE28N = 19x8.5_ET35 & ET43... (Rayswheels website)

    Additional Wheel Info:

    (The fitment for the Volk LE28N's is the same as the Volk CE28N's, as it is the same wheel except with a polished lip.)


    General Info for the 05' USDM STi:

    05' STi bolt pattern = 5x114.3
    05' STi BBS wheels = 17x8_ET53

    Wheels that fit the 05' STi (sizes and offsets):

    17” wheels:

    Enkei RS5 = 17x7_ET40__(19.8 lbs)... (rdqlus)
    Advan RG-II = 17x8.5_ET50... (black on
    ASA ST4 = 17x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    ASA JH3 = 17x7.5... (Luke@Tirerack)
    ASA ST4 = 17x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    BBS RK = 17x8__(19.7 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Mille Miglia Action = 17x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Mille Miglia HT3 = 17x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    O.Z. Superleggera = 17x8__(17.6 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Rota Boost = 17x8.5_ET48... (Subydude)
    Rota Torque = 17x8_ET48__(18.1 lbs)... (SubyDude)
    Rota Grid = 17x8_ET48... (SubyDude)
    Rota Slipstream = 17x8_ET48... (SubyDude)
    Rota Slipstream = 17x8.5_ET48... (SubyDude)
    SSR Competition = 17x8.5_ET48__(14.9 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT7 = 17x8__(17.2 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    WedsSport SA-90 = 17x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Volk CE28N 17x8.5_ET50... (cusco4life)
    Volk TE37 17x8.5_ET50... (STiMonSTAR on

    18” wheels:

    Crimson K6 = 18x8.0_ET49... (Z1 Performance)
    Volk TE37 = 18x8.5_ET50... (ScoobyPilot on
    Volk CE28N = 18x8.5_ET40 & ET50... (Milan on / Fizz Autosports)
    BBS RE = 18x8__(20.3 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    O.Z. Superleggera = 18x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Advan RG-II = 18x8.5_ET50__(19.0 lbs)... (Fizz Autosports)
    ASA JH3 = 18x8__(25.1 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    ASA CL20 = 18x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Moda R10 = 18x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT2 = 18x8.5__(17.2 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT7 = 18x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT7-H = 18x8__(19.4 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT10 = 18x8.5__(24.3 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Work Emotion CR KAI = 18x7.5_ET42... (Z1 Performance)
    Work Emotion CR KAI = 18x8.5_ET43... (Fizz Autosports)
    Work Emotion Forged = 18x7.5_ET42... (Z1 Performance)
    5Zigen FN01RC = 18x8.5_ET48... (WRXTwiztid)

    19" wheels:

    Volk TE37 = 19x8.5_ET43... (CBRD)
    Mille Miglia Action = 19x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    Moda R10 = 19x8... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR GT7-H = 19x8__(21.2 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)
    SSR Comp-H = 19x8__(19.4 lbs)... (Luke@Tirerack)

    Additional Wheel Info:

    (The fitment for the Volk LE28N's is the same as the Volk CE28N's, as it is the same wheel except with a polished lip.)
  2. WRX-WRC

    WRX-WRC Active Member

    you can acutally use more than this, you just gotta make sure you've got the right offsets/wheel width.
  3. will the same sizes/ offsets fit the WRX? dumb question I know, but if I didnt ask I wouldnt know...
  4. monk

    monk <b>The Kitchen Ninja!!!!</b>

    as far as i know wrx's have the 5x100. looking at, it seems that 02-06 wrx all share that pattern. the sti's shared that pattern until 2005+

    that sound right alex (either one) ?

    btw, thanks for posting this, very helpful stuff ;)
  5. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

  6. knhtrdr

    knhtrdr Active Member

    ok so a 18x7 and a 18x7.5 should fit on a wrx with no fender issues so what size tire should go on it:dunno
  7. knhtrdr

    knhtrdr Active Member

    ^^umm i messed up
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2006
  8. Weapon

    Weapon 90lbs of dynamite Supporting Member

    this would be awesome if i has an STi to put any of those on :rolleyes:
  9. slug

    slug Member

    copied from NASIOC as well, Proper Subaru WRX/LGT/STi/FXT offsets....

    it was also said if the offsets where close to this list it would work fine.

    EXAMPLE: 17x7.5 w/ a 51mm offset would be fine, a 17x7.5 with a 55mm offset would not.

    Note: offset is only a variable of width not height, pics also gathered from misc. posts on NASIOC.

    Width ...... Offset

    6.5" ....... +53 to +55
    7.0" ....... +50 to +53
    7.5" ....... +47 to +50
    8.0" ....... +43 to +47

    offset explained:

    visual representation of different offsets:
  10. BrianGT

    BrianGT Banned

    I am running 17x8.5 +40mm offset Enkei RPF1 wheels on our 05 STi, and love them.

  11. stifun

    stifun Member

    Great link when buying new wheels
  12. revel

    revel Member

    no GC love?

    will a 17x8.5 +42 fit flush with fender? +32? i dont want to be replacing wheel bearings regularly tho.

    running a 17x7 +48? (i believe) Superleggeras (the old style) and it sits pretty far into the fender.
  13. sikwrx04

    sikwrx04 Member

    Kinda new to the Subaru family, probably gonna be a noobie question, but will 04-05 sti bbs wheels fit for a 04 WRX??
  14. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    2004 STi BBs will fit. 05+ will not fit your 04 WRX
  15. sikwrx04

    sikwrx04 Member

    Kool, well i know the pattern is 5x100 but what is the offset? I currently have Legacy Wheels that came with the car when i bought it
  16. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    Offset of the 04 STi BBS is ET53
  17. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Its stamped on the wheel IIRC.
  18. aftercrash

    aftercrash Member

    Could I fit 17's on an 09?

    Wonder if this would clear the brembos.....
  19. crazyazn

    crazyazn I like naps Staff Member Supporting Member

    05+ 17's will fit a 08+ GR sti
  20. mugenknockoff

    mugenknockoff Member

    I'm considering 18X9.5 +40 SSR TypeF for my '11 STi. Anyone know if there will be any brake clearance issues in the front?
  21. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    With that offset, you should be fine with no issues.
  22. mugenknockoff

    mugenknockoff Member

    I was also considering SSR comp C, but they only offer 18x9.5 in a +36 offset. I think that's a little too low.
  23. bjtyson3

    bjtyson3 Member

    Anyone know if tr motorsports c3's in 17X9 +48 will fit a 2011+ sti? Looking at a set for super cheap from a is completely stock
  24. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    according to Tire Rack.. no
  25. ~The_Duke~

    ~The_Duke~ Member

    I bet it doesnt clear the brembos... They do have an 18 inch model that does say they clear.

    Otherwise check out the Awesome and Wicked Awesome wheels from Mach V (fastwrx). I have a set on my car, and for $299 a piece for a 18x9.5 you almost cant beat it.

    Awesomes are 17x9 for $250
    Wicked Awesome are 18x9.5 for $299

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