Dealer Review Stivers. Don't even know what to say.

Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by jchon3, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Actually I have heard a couple of complaints but not for a tire change and i have never been to them so my opinion is null.

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    I've been to Stivers to get my 6k checkup and no problems But I don't think these problems are exclusive to Stivers. I actually purchased my car from Rivertown Subaru in Columbus and first of all I get to the lot and a Old salesman ask do we need help. Keep in mind I wanted a BRZ but I ask him a fairly simple question and he has no clue and has to ask another salesman. Fine, but then he quickly takes off without asking if I wanted to test drive or look inside the car or anything. So I go find another salesman who takes me on the test drive, but then I see a Sti Hyperblue and ask to test drive it and I just fell in love with it and bought it which leads to my second problem with Rivertown Subbie.....I arrived at Rivertown around 1 o'clock, and between paying for the car cash mind you, it took them 7 hours to prepare the car for me to take it home. From waiting for the 1 manager to process the paperwork and washing the vehicle, I didn't get out of that place until 7:59 pm no joke! Then the car wash was just piss poor on top of that. Oh and lastly you should have seen that old salesmans face when he saw that I paid cash for that Hyperblue Sti. He literally stood there giving me the mad face as the helpful salesman was running over the features on the car and stuff.

    My whole point is these salesmen at a lot of these places judge on appearance or whatever prejudices they have and alienate customers. I will say Subaru's follow up has been pretty great compared to Audi which is where my GF got her A6 and they have broken promises and haven't contacted her at all.

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