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  1. So I am up in Pigeon Forge just before it burned down and come back out to my car and find a Subaru bag full of goodies hanging from my mirror.There is a note that state its from a Subaru ambassador.I went and spoke the guy and he said its a new program.Anyone else had this happen to them? Or was he a crazy Subaru stalker?
  2. TougeFighter

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    they have been doing the Subaru Ambassador program for a little over a year now. Its a cool program but it feels like everyone is getting in it now a days.
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  3. FACE

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    guess they dont like me...I applied awhile ago
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  4. b reel

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    It might be that we are members of the NRA?
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  5. Eco Auto Clean

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    It takes a few months often at times to get accepted. I have been one for about 3 or 4 months. Incredibly cool to be apart of!
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