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Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by KDean, Apr 22, 2014.

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    I'm not here to bash any person or business, but just give an honest opinion of my experience.

    I live in northern Gwinnett county, and work within walking distance to SOG. Obviously it would have been convenient to purchase my last 2 car's from them since I will most likely use them for any major service (never had any real issues with their service dept that I can remember).

    I couple of years ago I walked in and spoke to a gentleman about a BRZ at the time. We got along well so I contacted him again when I decided to buy a WRX instead. He was very responsive at first, but I got the impression that once he could tell I was an educated buyer, his interest in selling me a car fell a few notches. Anyway, the OTD price he gave was firm and it was way higher than Kennesaw, so I drove to SOK the next day and brought a 2013 hatch. SOK was more responsive and acted like they WANTED to sell me a car, and did so. I didn't have time to play games with SOG. The SOG rep emailed me about 2 weeks later to ask if I was still interested in the car, but I told him I bought from SOK.

    Long story short, I gave the same guy another chance when I decided to buy my 2015, but it pretty much ended up the same way as above. Once I asked a few key questions about their "dealer fees", he danced around the question and I never heard from him again. I bought from SOK 2 days later, and again, they were much more responsive and were less expensive.

    I just realized this might sound like an ad for SOK, but it wasn't meant to be. Some of the other ATL area dealers may be fantastic for all I know, but they didn't have the inventory at time I purchased either car. For that matter, SOG may have some fantastic salespeople to deal with, and maybe I just got stuck with the wrong person. I guess just take it for what it's worth!
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  2. Sixth_Vang

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    Did you deal with Lance? That guy is a tool.
  3. KDean

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    No, don't know Lance.
  4. g1nkgo

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    i had a similar experience with SOG. It was pretty horrible actually. Worst consumer experience I've had in my 40 years.
  5. ihavefat

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    ^this. I honestly don't know how they are still even in business.

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