Subaru of Kennesaw (SoK) ... Terrible Experience

Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by chuglobal, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. chuglobal

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    I brought my STI to SoK in May. I explained in details how the problem happened and all the steps I took to troubleshoot the problem. SoK called me in a few hours after "diagnosing" the problem and this is how the conversation progressed:

    SoK: "We first recommend changing A part."

    Me: "Will this solve the problem and what is the cost?"

    SoK: "I don't know but according to the Subaru process, we need to change
    A part because of the given situation. It'll cost ~$700"

    Me: "Umm ok, so what happens if you change A part and it does not solve the problem?"

    SoK (Tone-of-voice becomes defensive): "Of course you still have to pay for A part ... we installed it ... you don't expect us just to give you free parts."

    Me: "Oook, so what happens next?"

    SoK: "According to the Subaru process, we then change B part."

    Me: "What is the cost?"

    SoK: "~$800."

    Me: "Ok, so again what happens if A and B do not work?"

    SoK: "Oh, you still get charged for all the parts and we continue to diagnosis ..."

    I told SoK not to touch the car and I will come pick it up. I contacted Subaru of Gwinnett (SoG) and explained the problem and situation w/out mentioning SoK. SoG stated that customer's do NOT get charged for parts that do NOT solve the problem and they just put back the old part and continue the diagnosis ... good answer and totally understandable.

    I left work early in Norcross ~4pm on a weekday to pickup my car at SoK (I paid ~$150 for their "diagnosis") then drove all the way back to Duluth to drop it off at SoG. I wanted SoG to have the car by the end of the day so they could start diagnosing the problem first thing in the morning. SoG called me the next morning and stated that they think it's due to C problem. I started to ask more detailed and technical questions and the service individual was smart and decided to pass me directly to Marc, the Tech working on my car. Marc and I chatted for a while and took the time to explain the whole situation thus I comfortably asked him to proceed. Marc called me back later in the afternoon and stated the problem has been FIXED, it was indeed problem C ... it was neither A or B thus I almost got jacked by SoK.

    I am more than happy to pay for service and parts when needed however throwing parts at a problem, giving defensive attitudes, using Subaru process (A process gives you the foundation, your "expertise" is supposed to know when to utilize it) as a scapegoat, etc. is NOT the smartest move ... SoK.

    Do NOT use Subaru of Kennesaw "SoK" and drive the distance to Subaru of Gwinnett "SoG" if you need service! Thank You again Marc, Neal and Jill at SoG!
  2. nsvwrx

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    thats why i still use sog ;)
  3. Kokopelli

    Kokopelli Active Member

    thats why I do it myself.
  4. sharif@forged

    sharif@forged Member

    For out of warranty repairs, I wouldn't take most cars to any dealership. Just take it one of the Subaru after-market experts in the area.
  5. Matt@Topspeed

    Matt@Topspeed Member

    Thanks, for recommending us.
  6. sharif@forged

    sharif@forged Member

    I didn't want to appear presumptuous and arrogant, so I implied there is more than more shop that could get the job done.

    Either way, I can't imagine taking a car to a dealership for out of warranty repairs, unless you have a close friend/inside guy that would take good care of you.
  7. Matt@Topspeed

    Matt@Topspeed Member

    We don't like to label our selves as a Subaru shop...more like "MASTERS OF THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE"....But Subaru aftermarket experts is nice as well.
  8. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    if you pay for a diagnoses at ANY shop, you are owed a correct diagnoses. If anyone had the temerity to suggest otherwise and still charge you for a diagnoses, I don't blame you.

    Having to pay for an inconclusive diagnoses is like paying for a new tire, and then not getting it and still eating the charge.

    If they can't confirm their diagnoses, they should refund. If they were wrong, then they should stand behind their promise to correctly diagnose and fix the problem.
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  10. trouble06

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    Here we go again.....:|
  11. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    going down the only road i've ever known

    like a drifter i was born to walk alone
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    And I've made up my mind

    I ain't wasting no more time
  13. That road is a dead end! It won't be traveled again from my team.
  14. Matt@Topspeed

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    Come on guys it was just a joke, thats whats been wrong on here lately everyone takes everything so serious
  15. wrxin8or

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  16. I do all my own work but was curious what happened to the part(s) if the dealer tried installing parts and then removed them.Do they go back on the shelf as 'new' parts to be sold to me later on??I would not want that or any of their parts..
  17. Meredith

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    Is that like being the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE?

  18. BrianGT

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    This thread gets 5 thumbs up!
  19. EmminoDaGreaT

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    This thread actually made me lol.
  20. tolnep

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    er.. i've had good service at SOK. as has a relative.

    what 'parts' where they gonna put on, charge you for, then go to part b, charge you for, etc?

    what was your problem that they had to diagnose this way?
  21. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    agreed...between subigrl (aka wheel, aka ms.e90), stephen (kingwrex) and brian (parts guy), they've been nothing but helpful. I go up there jsut to get diagrams, not even buy parts, and they're always more than helpful.

    sorry you had a bad experience...just talk to them, they'll most likely help make it right
  22. Decker@Forged

    Decker@Forged Member

    I've got nothing but good things to say about Brian and Richard (parts dept). They've always come through for us.
  23. chuglobal

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    Humm ...

    I normally work on the car myself or w/ a friend. However due to the situation, I figured it would be faster to bring it to a local Subaru dealer for their "expertise." I think Subaru makes nice products and would like to support them when possible. We're also potentially looking for another Subaru to add to the family. ;)

    I shared the same story in details w/ both SoK and SoG. SoK recommended to "replace the VVT and oil pipe ..." while SoG recommended to "first check a certain section near the VVT." It turns out that the problem was caused by a little plastic green oil filter which degraded/disintegrated over time and pieces of it went into the AVCS unit ... this is also a known problem w/ the Subaru. SoG removed the pieces, checked the VVT which had no problems and everything was great again. An example of throwing parts vs. real troubleshooting. I had no problem paying for expertise as demonstrated by SoG.
  24. kingwrex

    kingwrex Supporting Member

    i usually work on your car when you came to SOK, but i did not this last time you brought it in. from what i heard you had 2 codes at the time you came in p0011 and p0021. these codes are usually caused by lack of oil changes or just having no oil in the car at all. when the car was pulled in and the codes were pulled i told the tech to check the oil level and go from there with that the diag for the codes say. the tech working on your car checked your oil level and the dip stick wasnt even registering any oil, hence why the codes were set.

    at that time from what i heard you were told that you could have a problem with a few different things and depending on how long you ran your car with little to no oil in it could have more problems down the road and you were given options as to what could happen and what would have to be changed due to the issues with running with no oil. that was probably the reasoning in why you were told certain things needed to be changed and and that you would have to pay for them if it didnt completely solve the issue.

    the vvt valve and osv solenoids are things that we look at closely when those codes are thrown.
    the first thing that i do in this situation is an oil flush and oil change and then i check the vvt and osv valves for operation. if they are reading in spec i let the car go but tell the customer that the car could have other problems down the road expecially if the car continues to run with low oil. the vvt valve and osv vlaves can fail, the turbo can fail and even the engine can fail.

    sorry for your bad experiance and probably mis-communication with all this. next time just make sure that you ask for me to work on your car and this will not happen because i will personally come tell you whats going on with your car.

    if you do want me to work on your car you will have to go to CLASSIC SUBARU in sandy springs starting next monday as i am leaving SOK and going back to classic.
  25. integroid

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    Wow, really? Tks for the heads up!
  26. Alex

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    We'd want that news in another thread ;)
  27. kingwrex

    kingwrex Supporting Member

    yes, ill make another thread about it soon.
  28. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    LOL...I love the second side to every story, funny how that works out...
  29. Strayen

    Strayen Active Member

    Well looks like SOK lost any business from me. Classic is gonna get whatever I need to get done, except for an engine rebuild, of course. ;P
  30. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    I really only have ever used the local dealerships for Parts, not service. The parts departments at SOG and SOK are both excellent. The staff at either one is always friendly and helpful.
  31. AutoxSTi

    AutoxSTi Member

    I have noticed a price difference between SoG and SoK. SoG charges a bit more than SoK. Like for instance my part was supposed to be $180+ tax at SoG but at SoK, it was $170+tax. Even oil filters were a little more. So I'll buy parts at SoK instead. I think Gwinnett tax is more expensive.....8%??? as supposed to 6% in cobb??? Can't remember, have to look at my receipt. I can't say that I've dealt with SoG service department or their techs. They seem pretty nice. If any work needs to get done, I'll get Stephen to do mine at Classic. I just think SoK charges for almost everything since business is a bit down for them. They don't look so busy half the time. That's just my observation. I think the customer service "people skills" could need a bit more improvement. Richard and a couple other techs and workers are pretty cool but other than that...thumbs down for the ones rough around the edges. Some of you know who I'm talkin about. Won't mention it...:p

    Just an FYI, I would rather talk to someone with good people skills, not some grumpy, arrogant person. You got to have feelers out there, if you know what I mean.
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  32. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    have no idea what you mean...i've been dealing with them at least twice a week for the last month and a half, haven't run across that at all. I haven't spoken to any of the techs except stephen when we he still worked there, as I'm doing all the work my self. Parts department and front desk chicks have been superb
  33. wrxin8or

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  34. ohmypearls

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    lulz. thanks buddy.. even though I hardly work up there anymore :p
  35. b reel

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    no more free lunches for the wheel?
  36. AutoxSTi

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    Agreed about parts and front desk. Thumbs up.
  37. John

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    I've used SoK for parts, but I've never been to SoG.

    I have had nothing but excellent experiences with the parts department at SoK.

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