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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by 07Ltd#767, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    Sorry Techlord, your boys are getting fucked, and rightfully so

    $500,000 fine
    Sean Peyton suspended for the 2012 season
    Loss of 2nd round draft pick for 2012 and 2013
    A few players suspended for half the season and the full season

    Greg Williams got 'Pete Rosed' from the NFL. So long, fucking henchman.

    I understand the nature of the game, but to intentionally end a player's career for $1,000 bonus is absurd.

    Oh yeah, Tebow is now a Jet (traded for a 4th round pick)
  2. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    Like I told ya....The Aint's.
  3. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    What'd they do?
  4. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

  5. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    I believe the Saints should be stripped of their 2010 Super Bowl (2009 season) trophy.
  6. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk


    Why? They didn't break any rules. They just made extremely terrible choices...

    So bad, in fact, it's going to cost Sean Peyton $7,000,000.00 - that's what you call a costly fine
  7. yerrow

    yerrow Active Member

    the T'aints
  8. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    I don't care to explain to you why but I will say many of us agree with my statement....if you play dirty to achieve it should be stripped from ya.
  9. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    I would refrain from speaking for the majority of people on this site, especially when it comes to agreeing with your statements.
  10. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    Who said anything about this site? We're talking about it right here at work.
  11. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    it would be a symbolic gesture at best and what's the point in that? Appeasing sore losers?
  12. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    What was the point in stripping Joe Pa's name from all his earned trophies? I know college vs pro and a much worse horrible terrible incident vs stripping a career. But still a symbolic gesture at best so what's the point in that?
  13. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    didn't think that made sense either but... that's what happens when you cover for a pedophile.
  14. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    to play devil's advocate here...

    If they didn't break any rules, then why was the team fined $500k? Why was Payton suspended for a year and the DC suspended indefinitely? Seems like they broke quite a few rules for that type of punishment.
  15. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    I suppose so.
  16. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    b/c the commissioner had asked them off the books to stop doing this, which they agreed they would, back in 2009.

    They were fined / suspended for not following the words of the commissioner, not for 'breaking the rules'
  17. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    I'm talking about taking trophies, if you take that then all the perks (money) should be taken as well. Know that isn't going to happen so why take the trophies at all? It's only a minor footnote in history and an asterisk in the stats and nothing more.
  18. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    That doesn't make sense. That's like my boss telling me not to do something and I still do it. It's breaking a rule even though it may not be in the HR handbook.

    Breaking protocol perhaps?

    ***thoughts are not all mine....part of a private conversation on the matter.
  19. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    they just clarified that they didn't break a competitive rule, which is something that would give a team a decisive advantage on the field (like spygate). B/c this was a locker room scandal (for lack of a better term), that's why it's looking like mostly fines / suspensions.

    I'm sure there's more about this that hasn't been reported yet, though.

    And, in something regulated by rules and officials, you have to go by the written word. It's apples to oranges comparing it to you not doing your job at work. You can rest assured that there will be a written rule moving forward about bounties in the future to prevent this from happening any time soon.
  20. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    so when does this turn into a thought crime of trying to hurt another player?

    pretty sure most of them go out there with the intention of doing that (within the rules of the game) - how can you control that?

    it's morally questionable to put a reward on this, but it won't stop it from happening. symbolic gesture at best and the NFL is doing this to avoid lawsuits down the road from injured and crippled players.
  21. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    they're not avoiding anything - they're currently under lawsuit from that o-lineman that killed himself, but made sure to shoot himself in the chest so that his brain could be autopsied. The family of said player is suing the NFL

    Talks of aggravated assault have been brought up, but I haven't heard anything further from it. They've also brought up tax fraud / evasion, since most of the written bounties were not reported in the players' earnings.

    Most former / current players that have been interviewed have acknowledged this exists (and, of course, deny ever taking part in it). The best answer I've seen is you want to change the pace of the game, and typically that involves removing a key player. However, there's a difference in hurting someone and injuring someone. Knocking the piss out of them puts them out for the game, but they recover in a couple hours and come back next week. The stuff the Saints were trying to is injure people, knock players out for the rest of their career.
  22. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    I'd say most the players really don't want to injure or end someone's career. Most wanna make you think twice before carrying the ball in their direction but not to seriously injure a person.

    ^^^^What Drew said.....injure for the game only. Nothing permanent/career ending.
  23. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    geez just seeing this and don't have time to read it all.

    NOT ONE FUCKING ILLEGAL/FINED hit that I know of. So what they offered money to play harder.

    bounty, pffft, I call it incentive. I got paid for good grades and know many parents that do it now.

    I feel bad for Roger Goodell and the snitch, they are dead men.

    They can have the trophy, come get it from the swamp. ;)
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  24. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    The NFL has been under a lot of pressure to make the game safer. Anything that could maybe, possibly lead to injuries that could effect a persons quality of living(head injuries mainly) is being pushed out and rules made to limit that possibility.
  25. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    Katrina says Challenge Accepted.
  26. AtlxPat

    AtlxPat Active Member

    when i first heard about the taints doing the bounty system i couldnt believe it. and the coaching staff was behind it and supported it? they got off easy.
  27. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    this is a very thin line to walk and is largely impossible. they don't knowingly want to do that. it's a cognitive dissonance they are repeating to themselves so they don't feel bad for when it actually DOES happen. it's silly on the part of the players to repeat this line over and over because in reality you can't self regulate hits and predict what will happen.

    "well, I know I smacked the fuck out of that guy and ended his career by shattering his pelvis, but what I wanted to do was just cause a mild bone bruise so he would miss a few games"

    utter nonsense.
  28. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    Point made very's just a part of the game. It's not intended but it happens and sometimes it's just bad.
  29. AtlxPat

    AtlxPat Active Member

    exactly but when your coaching staff SUPPORTS and would pay you to injure other players? fucked up.
  30. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    I agree that it's morally questionable for them to support it.

    however, if those kinds of hits happen the NFL has a system in place to fine appropriately, DELIBERATE or not.

    this is simply grand posturing by goodell to affirm he is the boss, and for the NFL to wash themselves of liability for future lawsuits. you have to remember that for safety suits to be successfully brought against the NFL, the suing party will have to show gross negligence and intent by the NFL with regards to player safety and health.

    the fact that the NFL told the members of the league behind closed doors to put a stop to this shows that is a purely political move and has nothing to do with player safety. it was only after the public learned of this that heavy fines were imposed to show that the league was 'DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM'.

    it's a liability and PR move, plain and simple.
  31. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    as long as we don't loose too many players we will be fine.
  32. AtlxPat

    AtlxPat Active Member

    i wonder who is getting suspended and if the saints will actually cut anyone
  33. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    I think they talking about Jonathan Vilma but i've been too busy to follow
  34. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    you can't fix his grammatical error without pointing it out to him. :|
  35. AtlxPat

    AtlxPat Active Member

    i was being subtle.
  36. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    slightly disagree with this, but only in the post play practices we've seen in the NFL. On a bang-bang play, it's impossible, but I think what they're focusing on is the dirty aspect of the late hits....lineman rolling over in the bottom of piles to twist knees ankles, the rushing linebacker that probably could have pulled up or side stepped after the QB threw the ball but lowered a shoulder and planted him instead.

    Agreed, it's a fine line, but there's a difference between a blind crack block on a special teams kickoff and Vilma splattering Farve and ending his season when he could have pulled out (lol) at the last minute.

    A good legal hit to play devil's advocate? Lawrence Taylor bidding farewell to Joe Theismann


    edit - fuck whoever disabled embedding...
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  37. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    embedding hasn't been's embedded.
  38. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    driving and replying to a thead = bad idea. sp check is disabled on the cell
  39. RSConvert

    RSConvert ɹǝuɹnʇpɐǝɥ uʞnɟɐɥnɯ ɐ sʇı Supporting Member

    Courtesy of a NY GIANT!!!!

  40. CelticPride

    CelticPride Banned

    Agreed. Using Taylor as an example though...he was playing the game and making the tackle. He wasn't trying to hurt the dude and he was very can see him doing the WTF did I do expression in the video. But it's the name of the game and part of it.

    The late hits and other examples Drew mentioned crock. I played ball myself.....I myself know that you can severely limit how hard you hit someone in a split second by simply pulling back. It's everywhere in football though....people don't pull back what they can to limit the impact of a late hit etc. Pulling back even the slightest (raising shoulder, slowing speed, altering hit angle) reduces damage I would say exponentially.
  41. Jake

    Jake Active Member


    shit happens when your job involves you tackling other players, but when shit happens on purpose (intent), someone has to pay.

    i can easily see a civil/criminal suit coming out of this and the plaintiff winning easily. as the plaintiff, you'd have to show intent and there was CLEARLY intent in a PAID situation. you INTENDED to hurt/maim/end the career of the defendant. whereas you couldn't show intent when in EVERY other case you meant to hit someone, but not actually take them out of the game/end their career....

    end of case

    EDIT: and as for Tebow
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