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Discussion in 'Product & Service Reviews' started by csaari, May 31, 2011.

  1. csaari

    csaari New Member

    More love for Allpro! They had my 2005 Legacy GT wagon a few weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. I’ve been wanting to do some upgrades for quite a while, but always got overwhelmed looking at the all the parts and combinations available. It took a torn CV joint boot to finally have an urgent reason for making some decisions - if it had to go to the shop for that, then it was time for some mods, too!

    I talked a lot with Brandon and Patrick, and got recommendations on what to do and what parts to do it with. They took care of ordering all the parts, and their prices were terrific, way better than I could find on my own. Once my car was there, I received constant updates from Patrick, and any questions I had were answered quickly. I really appreciated the wide range of communication options.... in person, PM, email, text message, phone call, made it very easy.

    I was very impressed when I got my car back! Everything added up to a huge improvement, and now in my opinion it drives the way it should have from the beginning. No more lag, hesitations, or surges. And no more annoyingly inconsistent clutch. Overall, I basically went from bone stock (well, AVO air filter and Borla cat-back) to Stage 2, and then some. I am the original owner of my car, which was bought in October 2004. After 6 and a half years, it was still very fun to drive, now it is an absolute blast.

    Like other people have said, the guys at Allpro (I mostly dealt with Patrick and Brandon, and briefly met Wes) really make you feel like an old friend, and the atmosphere at the shop makes you want to just go there and hang out all day. When I picked up my car, Brandon and Patrick boxed up all my old parts, and loaded them into the car. Brandon then showed me everything that was new, and let me take the car out for a spin to make sure I was happy.

    I usually hate having someone else work on my car, but they will certainly be my choice for the next repair or mod.


    ACT heavy duty clutch and lightweight flywheel
    Perrin up pipe
    Invidia down pipe
    (both were heat wrapped)
    IPR top mount intercooler
    Accessport, currently running Cobb Stage 2 map
    Whiteline LCA bushings
    Covert Performance oil pick up tube

    And of course, a new CV joint boot

    Thank you, Allpro!

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  2. djkxgo0k

    djkxgo0k Member

    how many miles were you at when you upgraded to stage 2? i've always thought it's too late for me to tune my car, since i'm at 86xxx miles already..

    +1 for positive allpro experience. i just had them replace my fcabs and do an alignment... i never realized how much understeer my car had until after this replacement.
  3. csaari

    csaari New Member

    I was just over 79,000 miles at the time.... I turned 82,000 about a week ago.

    I'm not sure if it's ever too late. I would say I put it off longer than I should have.... the whole time I was contemplating it, the miles just kept ticking away. But, my LGT is in great shape, and I have no plans on getting rid of it any time soon, even as it approaches 7 years of ownership. Basically, I couldn't think of any reason not to do it. 3 months later.... no regrets!
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  4. djkxgo0k

    djkxgo0k Member

    ah i see... it got rid of your hesitation/stutter? i HATE that!! i might just go stage 1 someday since i already bought a new clutch (stock + smfw) last month
  5. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member

    I went "stage 2 at like 120k. Been runing vf43 setup at 18psi for past 20k+ miles, no problems at all. Only slipping clutch :pssh:
  6. csaari

    csaari New Member

    Oh yeah. I never thought it was that bad before, but it was noticeable. Now, it is completely gone. Push the pedal, and instant go!

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