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  1. Suby1128

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    So we just got a new addition into our garage/driveway, so I figured now would be a time to post pictures of the other cars we own.

    2002 Subaru Impreza WRX (Sedona Red Pearl)

    2004 Jaguar XJR (Jaguar Racing Green) - Soon to be traded in (to pay for the Porsche)

    2005 VW Jetta GLI (Tornado Red) - now with 35% more tint

    Our Newest Addition: 2006 Porsche Boxter (Black)

    While the Boxter is still being broken in (no going over 3000 rpm until after 2000 miles), it is still a fun car to drive. I'm looking forward until after the break in so I can take it for a real drive.

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  2. knhtrdr

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  3. Weapon

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    very nice man..I wouldnt mind picking up a porsh one day
  4. jakeisajedi

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    show off:fawk:
  5. MrCoffeeATL

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    i'll have to borrow the parent figures 06 boxster S and we can have a mini cruise. Word of advice: leave the traction control on. It's smarter than i am
  6. wrxin8or

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    lol j/k
  7. Suby1128

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    Yeah, but I have to say I hate the traction control on the Jaguar... I had to pull a u-turn and floor it in a heavy intersection. When I floored it the tires started spinning. I would have been able to control it but instead the car decides to basically sit dead in the water and cut off the fuel injectors until it regained traction :rolleyes:. Coulda been a really bad accident.


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    Moving this to the journal :)
  9. wrxin8or

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    you mods and your special magic powers :lol:

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