The Saga that is the life of Tom's WRX

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  1. Tom's WRX

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    well as some of you know i was a very active member in the wrx atlanta community about a year ago. I have since then sold my pretty nice 04black knight to my little brother. I have been in Iraq for alomst a year now. Im planning my comback now and it looks like its going to be a fun one.

    Here's my story.

    I was a sophmore in College getting ready to enlist in the army when the first WRX rolled off the line. At this time i was just facinated that people drive these cars like mad men off road the way that they do. I knew that i was going to basic and that i would have some money stashed at the end of that so in the few weeks before i left, my dad (who happens to be a killer mechanic) and i decided to go test drive some cars to see what i should get upon my return.

    I at the time wanted a Jeep Wrangler and ended us getting one upong my return. However, i hadnt planned on that happening. When we were out test driving cars, we decided to stop by and test drive an 02 wrx sedan. We, with the dealer, took off down a wv country road. I was throwing it into hairpins at 50mph and i had the dealer about to piss himself. At that point my Dad, who gets cars sick when riding insisted that he drive back to the Dealership. The dealer was relieved, however, pops has a heavy foot as well and he got on it pretty well, making the dealer sure that we were insane. That sold me and my father and i were both hooked from that point on.

    At basic, i planned on coming back and getting a black 02, however when i go home, my middle brother who had just recently got his liscense was the proud new owner of a silver 02 WRX. I couldnt get the same car.

    As the years passed, he began to mod up his WRX and i fell even more inlove with the WRX. 1 deployment and 2 years later i moved to Atlanta with Soldrums(brett Rawlings) During that move, the rear dif on my jeep started leaking really bad and i knew that the 35"tires that i had on it were killing the vehicle slowly. I talked to my dad and told him the deal and that i really wanted to bring the jeep home and trade it in on a new wrx.

    he agreed that i could do that and so i took off to VA. in the jeep. I parked the jeep in my parents driveway and hurried off with my mom to see my brother's last competitive swim meet. He's an athlete to say the least, some of you know him from meets. Afterwards he was so excited to see me. He said,"Dude, you gotta see the new deck i got in the WRX."
    So we walked out to the parking lot, which was very dark.. I couldnt see his silver WRX, however i did see a nice 04 black sedan..
    I was like,"Damn dude, thats a nice 04!"
    He said."yeah man it really is, too bad it's yours!" and then he threw me the keys.

    I loved it so damn much. That very night we raced, he kicked my ass.

    A year later im being deployed again, and i decided to sell the Jeep and the WRX so that i could get rid of all the debt and so that i could bank on this deployment. I ended up giving the wrx to my little brother who gave the silver 02 to our baby brother.

    Now i am about to return home from this second deployment and i am noticing that my needs call me to make a very serious decision. I am an artisit, i travel alot and im in the army, those of you that have been in the army know that you have to tote around alot of shit. I have been trying to decide weather to get an SUV or an 06 WRX wagon. At this point, i cant see any real decision, I WANT MY WRX BACK..

    SO the deal is, im looking for a Dark Grey 2006 wrx wagon. Anyone got a new one? Hows the new block? new options? Feedback welcome.
    Any Dealerships in town that can hook a weary veteran up would be a huge appreciation.

    Anyway, thats the WHOLE story. I will post the pictorial of all the pic of the cars past and present as i can.

    Cant wait to see everyone again, welcome to all you new guys that arent so new anymore. I guess i get to come back and be the new guy again!

    Keep it real,

    heres some of the 04 El Gato Negro

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  2. ShaneSTI

    ShaneSTI Active Member

    Nice write up Tom. I commend you for what you do brutha! Looking forward to having you back and FINALLY meet Yeah don't get an SUV...shoot for the dark grey wagon Rex like your wanting. Again, thank you for what you do and I'll see ya when you get back bro!!!

  3. SonicBoom

    SonicBoom Active Member

    Good 2 hear from ya! Been a long time... Mark has an 06' and should be able to give you some good feedback. Look forward to seeing you at a meet when u get back....

  4. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    Yeah Mark should be able to give you a ride in his '06, and from what I hear they are monsters.

    I can't wait till you are back in the states and we get together and drink a few long as I am not in your kitchen baking headlights, it should be a fun time haha

  5. scuby drew

    scuby drew techos ftws!!EEEE

    Congrats man! cant wait to see you out again
  6. 1ll-WRX

    1ll-WRX Active Member

    I've driven Mark's wagon and I must say...the 2.5 is tons of fun...I like my bugeye but Mark's wagon rocks!!....
  7. Tom's WRX

    Tom's WRX Member

    boys, its good to hear from all of you. its been a pretty good year and it will all be over very soon and i'll be back in the A wreaking havoc all over the place like the old days. Brett, im sorry that you were in the kitchen the whole time at my old place. I promise that we will never do that ever again. Im all about being under a car doing something worthwhile, but not a fan of the baking although it does look pretty dope.

    on another note, have you all seen all of the new options for 06? Its freaking insane!
  8. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Cant wait to have you back bro :hug:
  9. miloman

    miloman Retired Admin

    keep up updated... we'll plan a little welcome back party for u :)
  10. MarkM2016GTI

    MarkM2016GTI Supporting Member


    I will let you take my wagon for a spin when you get back bro....hopefully I will have the Cobb AP and tuning by then...

  11. Tom's WRX

    Tom's WRX Member

    holy shit mark, you have been busy man. i had no idea that you have done so much to the wagon. I have some catch up to do.

    i should be back in the hood around the 15th of NOV. so perhaps that week one night we can all chill!

    I havent been back on the board for more than a week and i am already going after parts. I dont even have a car yet. At this point, i am thinking of making my (soon to be) wagon an STI wagon right from the start.
    Im looking at buying a VF39, and all the fixins that come with that. I havent completely made up my mind just yet, as im still in the desert trying to get home.
    Im also thinking of doing what i was going to do with the 04 and throw a hopped up TD04 on the wagon. More to come for sure. Stay Tuned.
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