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Discussion in 'Modifications & DIY how-to' started by impreza, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. impreza

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    Ok so I'm changing the belt on my 2004 sti and I'm not using the oem belt I'm using a gates racing belt.should I use the 1mm that subaru recommends or should I just use the little gap spacer that comes with the kit for all four of the blet guides?the reason I'm doing all the blet guide is because I want to be sure there all to spec.
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  2. b reel

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    that spacer is for the cam belt guide at the crank gear, not sure if the gap is the same for the cam gears.
  3. impreza

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    I know that but I wanted to know if I should use the 1mm that the repair manual said to use or that thing for the belt?i might use the 1mm but I wanted to see what other people thought.

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