TopSpeed 2007 STI 494whp on Pumpgas

Discussion in 'TopSpeed Motorsports' started by Doug@DBW Motorsports, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Doug@DBW Motorsports

    Doug@DBW Motorsports Active Member

    Just finished up the pumpgas tune on this 2007 sti. Car made amazing power for a subaru on 93oct. Even more impressive is the powerband of the car making peak power at 7500rpms just shy of the revlimit.


    Billet crank
    Manley rods
    CP pistons
    Cosworth oil pump
    Cosworth bearings
    Kelford Cams
    Cosworth Intake
    APS Twin Scroll rotated turbo
    850cc injectors
    APS 3.5" exhaust
    Ecuteck (TSM Tuned)
    Race ported head
    1mm oversized valves
    Custom beehive springs
    1mm oversized valves

    Dyno run was at 24psi peak. I had to stop there because the injectors were at 96% at 7700rpms and the clutch actually started slipping.



  2. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    see...that's all i wanted from my limited.

    well done, guys, good seeing my old car again
  3. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Pretty nice power there....esp on 93 octane. I'm impressed with it being an APS turbo....they tend to disappoint.
  4. J_P

    J_P I like pudding pops Supporting Member

    Wow, that is impressive. Clean car.

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