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  1. Just wanted to share with you guys a car that we had the privilege of installing some parts on last week, and tuning for a great customer. The particular customer drove from IL to Atlanta to have us work on his car. We installed a Dom1.5 and supporting mods with a Tomei equal length header and strapped it on the dyno for Doug to work his magic.

    The results were very impressive. The car was tuned on E85 at 23psi of boost. The car still has the stock bottom end, so we decided to call it good not pushing it any harder. The results are below.

    We here at TopSpeed are still CRAZY impressed with the response and power of this turbo. It still gets our stamp for the ultimate stock location setup! I'm sure the customer will jump in and let you know how it felt on the street. As always questions are welcome! Thanks guys.

    Dyno: DynoJet
    Tuner: Doug@TopSpeed
    Wheel HP: 443
    Wheel TQ: 450
    Ambient Temp: 70 Degrees
    Elevation: 1000ft

    Car Info
    Year: 2008
    Engine Management: Cobb
    Turbo: Blouch Dom1.5
    Intercooler: Process West
    Meth Kit: NO
    Injectors: ID1000
    Intake/Inlet: Perrin
    Headers: Tomei Equal Length
    Uppipe: Tomei
    Downpipe: Invidia
    CBE: Invidia
    Other Power Mods:


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    that is squared away that is what im looking at getting as soon as i sell my 08 wrx
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    what kind of numbers do you think they would be at with pump gas

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