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  1. Carrabelle Speed Festival - New Date - July 30th, 2011!! New Low Price!!

    Hello Everybody, I would just like to remind you that the Carrabelle Speed Festival will be taking place on July 30th, 2011. At TopSpeed Motorsports, we are really looking forward to this event and we would like to see all of you come out and enjoy your cars on this air strip! I took the liberty of adding the exceprt from “” so that it is easier for everybody to read about the event and see what it is all about!

    TopSpeed Motorsports

    “ is proud to present our first event of the New Year the Carrabelle Speed Festival. It will take place at the Carrabelle-Thompson airport in Carrabelle, FL. This event is all about speed! Test your vehicle and driving skills on an open runway. We will be doing standing HALF MILE races all day long!! The best part is that we are allowing head to head competition instead of solo runs like other airstrip events. The theme will be classic grudge match style racing. Hit speeds you only dreamed about on a ¼ mile track in a fun and safe environment!”

    “Come join us for what is sure to be an exciting day of speed and entertainment! We will have a live DJ spinning tracks all day long and food provided from the Pit Stop Grill!”

    “Our 2 sponsors for the event are TopSpeed Motorsports of Atlanta, GA and Unique Audio of Destin, FL! TopSpeed Motorsports ( is one of the premier tuning and performance shops in the nation! Their Nissan GT-R just recently won the One Lap of America this past May! They will be bringing a couple of their vehicles to take down our runway. One of them being a 1300hp Supra!!”

    "Unique Audio of Destin ( is a one of a kind customization center for your car or truck! They specialize in audio, security, window tinting and custom wheels and tires. If you can dream it they can create it for you!"

    "Check out our website ( to register. Be sure to read all of the forms and have your tech sheet filled out prior to entering the gate!"

    "Driver's you must register online by July 23, 2011 at our website"

    "For places to stay in the area click the link that says things to do and places to stay in Carrabelle (or visit If you need a hotel it is recommended that you book it now to make sure there’s availability!"

    TopSpeed Motorsports

  2. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    Motorcycles allowed?
  3. MeFryRice

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    The gf and I may take a trip down to watch. That'd be pretty cool to see.
  4. pleiades

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    pack some insect repellant, carrabelle is no joke in the summer
  5. nicad

    nicad Yes I am a troll

    getting a 100 shot for my bike
  6. MeFryRice

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    I'll keep that in mind for sure. :)
  7. gfred024

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    I might do this. I have a house in Appalachicola.
  8. bjtyson3

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    thinking about going to this possibly
  9. wannagofast

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  10. wannagofast

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  11. Cool_____

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    How bad did Pepper get waxed? (Cicio was driving it
  12. wannagofast

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  13. wannagofast

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    BTW pepper was holding its own pretty well this Saturday! lol

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