TopSpeed Motorsports - GTX Testing | 420whp@18PSI!!!!

Discussion in 'TopSpeed Motorsports' started by Cicio@TopSpeed, May 31, 2011.

  1. TopSpeed Motorsports in house road race car. This is a full STI swapped BugEye owned by our GM Matt Ball. This car features the TSM RR1 short block, stock STI cams paired with our exlusive AMS GTX3076 turbo kit running a Tial SS .63 hot side. The dyno pulls were done at 17-18psi on a break in tune. This is a fresh motor so all pulls were done in 3rd gear with conservative AFRs and Timing! Also we are currently building a custom wiring harness for the car so the AVCS is deactivated. Subscribe for updates when we get the harness together and get everything running.

    TopSpeed Motorsports Road Race STI:

    Dyno: Dyno Jet
    Tuner: Douglas Wilks
    Wheel HP: 420.91
    Wheel TQ: 375.74
    Ambient Temp: 85.47 F (23% Humidity)
    Elevation: 1000ft (EST.)

    Car Info
    Year: 2003
    Engine Management: AEM
    Turbo: TSM/AMS GTX3076 Turbo Kit w/ Tial .63 Hotside
    Intercooler: AMS
    Meth Kit: None
    Injectors: Injected Dynamics 1000cc
    Intake/Inlet: TSM-AMS
    Headers: Invidia Race Headers *Ceramic coated*
    Uppipe: TSM-AMS *Ceramic coated*
    Downpipe: TSM-AMS *Ceramic coated*
    CBE: AMS *Ceramic coated*


    Future plans:
    - testing .82 Hotside
    - wiring harness for AVCS
    - testing GSC S1 & S2 Cams
    - tuning for E85 & Race gas
    - possibly testing GTX35R

    Unfortunately, we do not have any photos/videos of this car on the dyno because we were crunched for time getting it prepared for a track day at Roebling Road Raceway. As soon as we get the wiring harness completed and update the thread, we will throw up some photos/videos for everybody.

    Thanks for looking, feel free to ask any questions.

  2. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    Very nice, hoping to see this thing at the next track day
  3. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    Should be good for the next one. New brake caliper shipped out today from StopTech
  4. wagunz_pwn

    wagunz_pwn Active Member

    In before Cool___.

    I can has ride next track day?
  5. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    Sure, Mustache.....errr....Subaru Rides for Everybody
  6. Matto357

    Matto357 Crazyazn likes Naps Staff Member

    Whatever floats your boat I guess.
  7. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Whats the advantage of deactivating AVCS? Also, when was it only 23% humid outside? I must have missed that. :)
  8. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    No advantage to deactivating the avcs. The wiring was done before I got the chassis and something isn't right so we turned it off. We made thepulls on last tuesday or wed so that's when it was 23%.

  9. Allpro Subaru

    Allpro Subaru Registered Vendor Supporting Member

    Very nice work Matt!!!
  10. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Very nice work. Can't wait to see a splash of E85 or high octane race fuel.

    So what's the difference in the RR1 and the SS1? RR = Road Race and SS = Street Stage???

    Edit....never mind I found it.

    Basically add this to the SS1 right?
    - TSM 12 point oil system modification
    - Carrillo Connecting Rods
    - ACL Race Bearings
    - Bore and Hone using proprietary torque plate technique
    - TSM Custom Pinned Deck
    - TSM MLS Depth Oring Groove
  11. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    You got it, its basically designed to live a nice happy life even at 8k rpms. Very stable deck and excellent head gasket sealing.
  12. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Awesome :) Glad you've finally got your bugeye wagon to play it!
  13. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    I don't think this buggy is a wagon Alex.
  14. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    Just a regular sedan.

    Should be testing the .82 hotside this afternoon if we have time.
  15. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Guess my reading comprehension is low this week :rofl: Thank's for the correction.
  16. WRboXer

    WRboXer Active Member

    Looking forward to seeing how it does with avcs.
  17. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    We will be staying late to work on the car tonight. Should have the new calipers on and the AVCS working by the end of the day.

    Doug won't be back till next week so I may work a little magic and see if I can tune for the avcs changes.
  18. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    LOL with what I heard Doug say he changed vs your old custom tune I'd leave it the hell alone and let him do what he does best.

  19. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    LOL he changed everything on the last one....but with the last one I was starting with Dans base map. with this one I'm starting with Dougs.
  20. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    These needs to work well for two reasons...

    1 - Ball tuned the AVCS on my car, I'm hoping he's not a total hack

    2 - Ball drove the shit outta my car, I want to return the favor
  21. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    1. - lol

    2. - lol
  22. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Bump for the slackers.
  23. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

    38 Cars in the parking lot today. 11 people working here and still not enough time.

    The 82 Housing is already here and my new cams are on the way, trust me nobody wants it finished more than me.
  24. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    You said it yourself.
  25. Matt@Topspeed

    Matt@Topspeed Member

    We thought it was a wiring issue, however it may be an issue in the AEM box. I'm thinking about sending my V1 box back to be repaired and ordering a new V2 box.

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