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Discussion in 'TopSpeed Motorsports' started by Cicio@TopSpeed, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Over the years here at TopSpeed we have always wanted to offer the Subaru community shelf maps for their cars.
    However we stand strongly to the idea that we will not release a product or sell something that we do not have time
    to support to the best of our ability.

    However, with the purchase of our new 2011 STI we have decided that the factory tune its too big of an issue to
    overlook and not offer a solution for. We have had several 2011s come in for tuning including our own, and some
    of the baseline results are a little scary. Our in house car was bad enough that our tuner was scared to baseline it
    on the factory map.

    While some are worse than others, we have not seen any of them come in with a tune we would recommend hard
    driving on. The main issue is that the car sees very lean conditions on spool, thus causing detonation and high EGTs.
    As you can see on some of the graphs below the ECU pulls all kinds of timing near peak tq.

    That being said we have decided to offer STG1 and STG2 OTS TSM maps for purchase at very reasonable pricing. These
    maps are 100% safe and not only provide increased power, torque and fuel mileage, but also increased reliability for
    your new car.

    There are a few different ways to order this tune.

    Option #1

    You purchase a Cobb Accessport from us and the unit comes preloaded with whatever OTS map you order.

    Price: $765

    Option #2

    You already have a Cobb AP and just want to purchase the map. In that case we email you and IDed file that will work
    specifically with your car and AP.

    Price: $195

    Option #3

    You do not have a Cobb AP and do not want to purchase one. In that case you remove your ECU (10 min job with hand tools)
    send it to us and we are able to bench flash your new map for you.
    (Turn around time is within 48hours)

    Price: $195 + Shipping


    Just to give you a visual idea why we are offering this I am posting up a few graphs to give you an idea how bad the
    factory tune is. You can also see our STG1 & STG2 graphs below.

    Please feel free to ask any questions or voice any comments you may have.




    This base graph is the cleanest one we have seen. Just to give you guys an idea.


  2. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    WTF is that dip around 3800RPM on the stock map?
  3. Lean condition on spool causing det
  4. longfury

    longfury Active Member


    I guess Subaru thinks that the vast majority of the engines will last till the drivetrain warranty is up at 60K miles...

    *goes to check his budget to see what he can afford after his 2011 STI shows up*


    *Bank account checked...*

    The fact my bank account says I can't afford to have it re-flashed for a while after purchase gives me pause and makes me reconsider the purchase of a 2011 STI.
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  5. JJang12

    JJang12 Active Member

    how do these compare to Protuned maps?
  6. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    That's why you have a warranty ;)
  7. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    Maybe so Alex ;)

    It doesn't mean I want to go through the trouble if the worst was to happen though before I got it done. :)
  8. Tell you what. I told you if you made the first part happen... :)

    Well I am a man of my word. If you get the car, bring it over. I will drop an OS tune on it for free and you can pay me when you have the extra cash. Wouldn't want the $195 bucks to stop you from getting the new baby!!

    They are very similar with just a little safety cushion added in there. :)
  9. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    Sounds like a plan Cicio.

    I still have at least a month to wait anyway. :|
  10. 07Ltd#767

    07Ltd#767 The Neighborhood Drunk

    it's an emissions thing...your '08 did the same thing, and it was even worse on the '07s

    I'd like to see a cobb OTS stg II map compared to your premaps -that's where the true gain will be seen. Everybody always says a protune is better...blah blah customized to your car blah blah...question is, how does yours compare to cobb's?
  11. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    It looks worse than on the 08, but my I could be remembering wrong.
  12. I just left the shop but I will pull those graphs as well for you when I get to the shop in the morning.
  13. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Look forward to this. I'm also concerned about the stock map (still need to get that "fix" flash from Subaru) but I'd be unable to straight replace a motor out of warranty at this point unfortunately. I was never worried about this with the GD and I don't really think that the sample size with problems on the GRs is an accurate enough representation of the full GR sales population. Nevetheless...

    I still doubt the above will keep me away from a v2 AP2 (excited about this one!) and a full turbo back. That Cobb catback is one sexy beast. The MXP isn't so bad either :)
  14. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    I think the actual number of failures are over blown and out of proportion. That said, most of us drive our cars harder than the normal driver and would be more prone to this cropping up in the future.

    This issue should be a driving factor to get an AP2 and a TBE(or just the AP2 like I want). It is all in software. Change the ECU mapping and the potential for stock map to cause an issue from staying to lean goes away. The pistons are still weak but at least they would not be exposed to excessive knock/detonation.
  15. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

  16. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Talk about customer support :)
  17. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    If you are tight on money why not do a OS tune and save a few hundred? OS is just as good as the Cobb for basic stuff and is free.
  18. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    Money isn't that tight. I would just not have the money right after purchase of the 2011 and would need 2-3 months to get the money together. The AP has some features I would really like to have. The ability to now switch maps via the SI drive would be really sweet as well as the data logging and sensor read outs.
  19. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    Cool. I liked those options on mine (not the Si drive duh) but found myself never looking at them after a few weeks.
  20. Here is an overlay of the Cobb OTS map vs. our TSM OTS map for you guys to compare.

  21. Cool_____

    Cool_____ Banned

    How much 'padding' is on this? About 85% of a custom tune?
  22. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    Yeah, the SI drive is not a map switch like I though but changes the boost targets. They call it "Boost Select". The "I" mode is stock like boost levels, "S" mode is a little more boost than stock and "S#" is the full fat boost for the stage map you are running.
  23. I would say 90%. Doug is 100% confident that its safe for any 93 car regardless of elevation or temp.

    Would be really cool if there was full map switch like the GT-R. Maybe they will come out with it soon.

  24. wrxin8or

    wrxin8or Mullitt Staff Member

    That chart is quite definitive. 23wtq and 21whp looks nice
  25. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    The torque number of 320 really jumped out at me for a otherwise stock car.
  26. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    the ecutek in bugeyes works this way. put the throttle to the floor and press the defrost button and it switches to a lower boost map (essentially a valet mode)
  27. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    Does the TopSpeed OTS maps have the "Boost Select" mode enabled?
  28. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    I assume on that graph that 011 is the TS and 01 is the Cobb?
  29. Yes it does

    Yes sir you assume correctly
  30. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    I am sitting around here at work waiting for the day to end and I was wondering something...

    How much of a fuel milage increase did you guys see on your car? Also, would you recommend to wait 500-1000 miles to flash the car or just do it day 1?
  31. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    I would do it on day 1 if the factory tune is causing a lean condition like TS is showing.
  32. Dr.Chris

    Dr.Chris Member

    Do you have any base maps for Stage 1, Stage 2 WRX that would work for a 2009? Is there any word from Cobb when they will have a full 3" exhaust available for the WRX sedan? Thanks!
  33. Ej20 Devil

    Ej20 Devil Member

    I know this is a 2011 thread but here's the question anyways. Do you guys also offer OTS stage 1 & 2 maps for an 06 STI? I'd much rather run your OTS than cobb's.

    Thanks in advance
  34. We see 3-4 MPG increase, and absolutely run the flash from day one.

    Yes sir we do have base maps for 2009 WRXs. We have not heard word from Cobb on the fitment yet.

    Yes sir we sure do.

    Thanks for the questions guys.

  35. Ej20 Devil

    Ej20 Devil Member

    That is great news! I'll be PM'ing you soon.


  36. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    :eek3::eek3: 3-4MPG!!! That is nuts! I was thinking 1-2MPG.

    My car is expected in the next 7-10 days. I will get her over there ASAP after I pick her up.
  37. Dr.Chris

    Dr.Chris Member

    Bump for PM to Cicio :sx:
  38. b reel

    b reel Active Member

    think he was at VIR Tuesday so he might be playing catchup.
  39. bixs

    bixs Supporting Member

    You may consider reading this, might clarify it for you. There's nothing other than a throttle response change for S->S# (At least for 2008-2009)

    This lean condition, I was under the belief it is just the Closed Loop/Open Loop switch. I could see this in logging, the AFR would switch on full throttle to about 13, and then after a few moments of bucking would switch over to open loop values. Beyond that the tune just runs rich as hell.
  40. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    I was referring to the Cobb "Boost Select" feature on the Cobb AccessPort that uses the SI drive switch.
  41. bixs

    bixs Supporting Member

    Understood now!

    I needed a reason to bump my old article anyway :p
  42. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    You have an important PM Cicio.

    Also, my car was delivered today...
  43. I just realized I had a couple old PMs on here. Sorry guys, i'm used to people from this board just calling me :)

    I will reply

    again sorry about that

  44. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

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    Yeah, thanks for calling me back
  45. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    I was going to call tomorrow because I picked up the car tonight. :naughty:
  46. slowwrx

    slowwrx Supporting Member

  47. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    Still no PM. I guess I will have to call after all. ;)
  48. integroid

    integroid Supporting Member

    I called and got Matt on the phone. They are swamped right now so it might be a minute before he can respond.
  49. longfury

    longfury Active Member

    I don't care. I am just giving him some hell. I am going to buy a Cobb AP in a few days anyway.

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