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Discussion in 'Community Classifieds' started by Alpharettawrx, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    Hi fellow Subie lovers. Hope all is well with ya'll. I'm planning on trading in my 2017 WRX CVT Limited this weekend, and have some stuff on it I thought folks here might be interested in.


    1. Diode C-lights, w DRL harness and also have their Tail as Turn Harness. **out of the headlights now**
    2. Whiteline Front and Rear Swaybars - 26 and 24 mm
    3. Whiteline Front and Rear adjustable Endlinks
    4. Whiteline bump steer kit. **not available anymore**
    5. Cusco Rear member power brace
    6. Cusco master brake cylinder brace/ stopper.
    7. Cusco rear strut tower bar
    8. AEM front strut tower bar
    9. JDM armrest extension
    10. JDM center boost gauge in red leather stitching.
    11. Trunk cargo net.
    12. Avest side rearview blinkers (white and amber function)
    13. Matte Black Wheels. TR Motorsports C4 - 18x8 offset 45. - 20lbs each (vs 26.5 lbs stock and they fit factory tires)

    Oh forgot these, 14. RCE yellows
    15. SubiSpeed Smoked Tail lights. - **SOLD.

    Edit 2** 16. Sti OEM front Underspoiler (Lip)

    Edit 3** Forgot these too 17. OEM Piano Black HVAC buttons
    18. OEM Black HVAC knobs.

    Hope I didn't forget more stuff. I think I finally have it all there.

    I can't think of what any of this is going for in the market, and certainly ain't got the patience to look each up.
    Ya'll just make me an offer on any of these, I shall respond with a yes or no.

    Preferably need everything gone by this weekend. So, offer away!

    Note: Everything mentioned is still on the car. Will be uninstalling soon.

    Moe, (I'm in Alpharetta)
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  2. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Good luck with the sale! What are you trading in for?
  3. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    Sir Alex. It's a secret ;). If I tell ya, I'm gonna have to kill ya.(million)
  4. wrxtony

    wrxtony New Member

    How much for RCE yellows?
  5. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    Dk what they're going for used. Mine where on for ~ 800 miles. So 320?
  6. crazyazn

    crazyazn I like naps Staff Member Supporting Member

    Hmmmm, i'll take the the swaybars and endlinks off of your hands
  7. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    Sure. Let me know when you'd like to meet up. Anywhere in or near Alpharetta would work for me.
  8. SixAxiS45

    SixAxiS45 New Member

    i take it the rce yellows are on stock struts from an sti? if so im interested
  9. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    Actually they are RCE yellows for the WRX (not sure if Sti is the same). Also they're not on struts. It's the springs alone.
    I had them on my stock limited wrx's struts, but had them taken out before trading in my car and put the stock springs back on.
  10. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

  11. Sparta

    Sparta Active Member

    nevermind just saw Jeff call dibs
  12. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

  13. djpSubie

    djpSubie New Member

    Just bought a '15 WRX, can you let me know what you have left...been a while since the original post.
  14. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    Hi, congrats on your WRX. Is it a manual or CVT? I still have the Cusco rear member brace, both front and rear strut tower bars (aem front, cusco rear), the diode c lights and drl harness, diode tail as turn module, cusco brake master cylinder brace (if your's is CVT), Avest side rear view mirror switchback blinkers, oem rear cargo net ..and if your's is a manual I also have the Booba short throw shifter plate, and the Perrin shift stop.

    Also the wheels might still be available if you're interested. The guy who bought it from me changes wheels all the time. I think he's looking to sell em.
  15. djpSubie

    djpSubie New Member

    Quick is a manual. Please send me pricing on the tail as turn module, rear cargo net and short throw plate and shift stop.
  16. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    35, 35, 75, and 25 respectively
  17. henddy

    henddy New Member

    Hi, do you still have STI OEM front lip?
    How much?
    Picture please!!!
  18. Alpharettawrx

    Alpharettawrx Member

    Don't have it anymore. "Sold" it to someone from craigslist who gave me a $100 and was supposed to pay me the rest on the 15th, didn't see him again. (that was the 15th of Feb) So, although commonly understood "cash in hand" with strangers should be the only way to go, I messed up. Careful selling out there guys.

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