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    A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well check this out (I wasn't at-fault)...

    Sorry for making you have to click, the images are huge. I couldn't figure out how to re-size them using vBulletin. I didn't want to resize them natively and risk losing details.

    Anway, the point is that earlier this year, that was my beloved STi; my dream car wrecked and violated. I never thought it would be the same. Well, I was wrong. Here's the "after" picture:

    Troncalli Collision did an oustanding job. They caught a lot of little things that I think a lot of other shops would've missed. They were upfront, respectful, and even detailed the car for me before I picked it up. It's a drive, but it was well worth it. I honestly cannot recommend them enough. If you ever need collision work done, take it to them.

    P.S. If you want the gory details of how this happened, PM me and I'll be glad to share. :)
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    Glad to hear you have it back, and most importantly you are happy with the work.

    Thanks for the review and pictures.

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