Tsm | 2011 wrx 20g - 374/379!!

Discussion in 'TopSpeed Motorsports' started by Mike@TSM, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Mike@TSM

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    Tsm | 2012 wrx 20g - 374/379!!

    Doug just got off the dyno with a 2012 WRX Sedan that kind of caught us by surprise - in a good way!

    This customer contacted us wanting a little more power without sacrificing a whole lot of spool and wanted to keep it pretty reasonable. In comes the BNR 20G - this turbo is made specifically for the 2-bolt style outlet that the 2008+ WRX comes standard with. The benefit here is all you have to do is bolt it on, no having to buy a FMIC, you don't have to fabricate some crazy outlet pipe to fit your TMIC - it just bolts right on. This is a great option for all you 2008+ WRX guys that are looking for a simple upgrade from stock.

    Here's what she did:

    Dyno: Dynojet
    Tuner: Doug - TopSpeed Motorsports
    Wheel HP: 374
    Wheel TQ: 379
    Ambient Temp: 85 F
    Elevation: 978 ft
    Fuel: 93 OCT

    Car Info
    Year: 2012
    Engine Management: Cobb AccessPORT
    Turbo: BNR 20G
    Intercooler: Process West TMIC
    Meth Kit: none
    Injectors: TSM 980s
    Intake/Inlet: Cobb SF w/ Airbox
    Headers: Stock
    Uppipe: Stcok
    Downpipe: Cobb Catted
    CBE: SPT
    Other mods: TSM 340 Fuel Pump




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  2. superhawk28

    superhawk28 Member

    Very nice numbers for a simple low key package. How much boost was this snail pushing?
  3. Dheim96

    Dheim96 Member

    Love the car and the number it put down minus the cobb sticker:p Makes me want sell mine and pick up a new 12/13 WRX in blue.
  4. Mike@TSM

    Mike@TSM Member

    This was 20 psi peak, tapering to 18.

    Pretty awesome little upgrade for how simple it is!
  5. Trancetto

    Trancetto Active Member


    Not sure if I missed it somewhere, what is a baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno? (p.s. pictures don't work for me at work, apologies if there is a dyno sheet of stock)
  6. techlord

    techlord Active Member

    Not sure about these newer models but 2007 and prior I've rarely seen make over 260 at the pavement
  7. Mike@TSM

    Mike@TSM Member

    Ya, we usually see them make about 260ish stock.
  8. hockeyfan19

    hockeyfan19 New Member

    Nice numbers in a very simple setup.

    Mike...I can't wait to see what Joey's car puts down after the break-in!
  9. Mike@TSM

    Mike@TSM Member

    I can't wait either, should be pretty awesome!

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