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Discussion in 'QED Tuning' started by Andy_013, Nov 25, 2014.

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    So I finally upgraded my turbo to a vf43 and all the supporting mods. I called up another shop to get my car turned. The day of the appointment, they called and said this computer was down. I was like ok I'll just keep running the ots map. Two weeks later, I want back to that shop trying to get the car. After waiting an hour, someone come out and said our turner had to go home. The next Monday, after not heading back from the other shop, I called All-Pro and made an appointment, when there and Joel Pittman put the car on the dyno. It's leaked a little oil, but he was able to get the car running ok. He also told me what to do to stop the leak. So made another appointment with him and he was able to tune the car right. He only charge me for a strip down fee and one dyno fee. My WRX made 275 to the wheels. All in all it was half the price as the other shop and no lame excuses.



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    Very nice gains over the OTS map.
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    You should share what/who the other shop is so others may reconsider their decisions as well
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    I think Andy actually went about it the right way. There's no need to name names. Sometimes life happens, sometimes you just have to reschedule or make plans otherwise.
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    No, I'm not going to call out any shops. I just wanted to post this review because Joel did a great job turning my car and why you guys should call him to get your car turned.

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