Wanna sell '14 to keep '03

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by supergopher, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. supergopher

    supergopher New Member

    Before you say or think anything rude, yes, I know... i have no idea, never have, how Forums work...

    I dont care. So long as my point gets out.
    Redirect me to the right place, but understand it will be like telling a cat to stop... being a cat.

    Here we go,
    I still have my 2003 bugeye, thank you Jesus, but because of some timing belt issues, retarded service mechanics, and horrible advice, I bought a new 2014 wrx, in 2014. Through it all, I got my "Bugeye Baby" up and running again. Now its been 3-4 years and Ive barley put 14,500 miles on the '14!
    Whats the best course of action to sell, trade, this '14 so I can get as much $$$ as I can to repaint, restore, and make my Bug shine?!
    I can sell the 14 privately, or trade it in, if some custom shop wants to put in all that $$$ for a major 03 renovation... I dont know... Any ideas??? Im not looking for solicitors, Im looking for sound advice.
    - Primus Sucks!
  2. Matt

    Matt Think before you post Staff Member Supporting Member

    list it on autotrader and cars.com. You're going to see more money on a private sale versus selling it to a dealer like carmax or the like. They'll give you the least amount of money they can so they can maximize their profit when they resell it.

    can try ebay as well.
  3. supergopher

    supergopher New Member

    Thank you!
    Im right in keeping the bugeye, and selling the '14 so I can fix up the '03 bug, right?
    I am right, right?
    I can always get a new one , but the bugeye, that I bought new in 2003.....?
  4. eyeballs

    eyeballs Member

    I bought an '03 wrx sedan in '02, and if it had been a wagon I'm sure I'd still have it. I now have an '06 outback xt which I love, but I'm in a place where it makes more sense to have something new. I think that fact that you're even asking that question means you're right and you would get more enjoyment out of keeping the bugeye. They are fantastic cars that are full of character.

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