Wanna sell '14 to keep '03

Discussion in 'General Community' started by supergopher, Dec 29, 2017.

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    Before you say or think anything rude, yes, I know... i have no idea, never have, how Forums work...

    I dont care. So long as my point gets out.
    Redirect me to the right place, but understand it will be like telling a cat to stop... being a cat.

    Here we go,
    I still have my 2003 bugeye, thank you Jesus, but because of some timing belt issues, retarded service mechanics, and horrible advice, I bought a new 2014 wrx, in 2014. Through it all, I got my "Bugeye Baby" up and running again. Now its been 3-4 years and Ive barley put 14,500 miles on the '14!
    Whats the best course of action to sell, trade, this '14 so I can get as much $$$ as I can to repaint, restore, and make my Bug shine?!
    I can sell the 14 privately, or trade it in, if some custom shop wants to put in all that $$$ for a major 03 renovation... I dont know... Any ideas??? Im not looking for solicitors, Im looking for sound advice.
    - Primus Sucks!

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