Washed My Car Today (Sorry 56K)

Discussion in 'Member Journals & Project Build Stories' started by Suby1128, May 28, 2006.

  1. Suby1128

    Suby1128 Member

    Washed, Claybarred, Polished, & Waxed. Have to go tend to my sunburn now...









  2. WRX-WRC

    WRX-WRC Active Member

    looking as good as ever craig :bigthumb:
  3. bluetwo

    bluetwo Active Member

    Holy crap dude! That bish is frigin shiney!

  4. baddriver

    baddriver Active Member


    Now both you and your car have a matching red exterior. :)

    That finish looks great!!

    Better than the job I did today. I spent 15 mins at a touchless car wash.
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  5. bigb996

    bigb996 teh Wannabe Mod

    well man you have to have one of the nicest red bugeyes for sure! keep her lookin pretty:)
  6. sol drums

    sol drums Active Member

    oh yeah, so i'm not the only one. i did the same thing yesterday, inside and out... vacuumed, armor all'd, washed, claybar & waxed. and my back is more red than your car. been applying shitloads of aloe every 10mins. but my car looks great! sorry don't have a camera for pics of the car.

    craig your car looks damn awesome!! hope the sunburn heals soon!
  7. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Looks great man, nice plate ;D
  8. Kokopelli

    Kokopelli Active Member

    My car will be forever dirty. And so will yours once you have kids ;)

    enjoy it while you can
  9. suby113

    suby113 Member

    Not necessarily I have kids and I laeth the smack down if the dirty muy STI they know better than to dirty my car.:p
  10. GTscoob

    GTscoob Black is Beautiful

    Looking good as always. I plan on doing an all day detail on mine in the next week, whenever I can make it down to my parent's house.
  11. Kokopelli

    Kokopelli Active Member

    If I hadn't spent the last 2 months pulling and building three motors , replacing the tranny in my WRX and my SVX maybe my wife would be more understanding.

    Besides at some point you give up on having nice looking things. For me it was the day my daughter decided to color my car with a rock.:p
  12. savsuby

    savsuby Member

    car looks good I like the color
  13. jayj713

    jayj713 Member

    Ooo, I think I saw you at Regals a 3-4 days ago :D. Looks nice!
  14. 1ll-WRX

    1ll-WRX Active Member

    yeah probably this nicest red wrx's I've seen!!!!
  15. Suby1128

    Suby1128 Member

    I went to see The Davinci Code last friday night, coulda been then. :wiggle:

  16. jayj713

    jayj713 Member

    omg, i watched it too!! we might have been in the same theater haha. But, i'm guessing you watched the 8:45 one? I watched 8:15 :/
  17. Suby1128

    Suby1128 Member

    I actually saw the 10:45 showing. Went with my girlfriend, and hoped that by going late we would avoid all the obnoxious kids that don't know how to shut up in a movie :wiggle:

    We Were Wrong :squint:

  18. jayj713

    jayj713 Member

    o haha, so you guys got there right as i was leaving :D. Our movie seemed pretty quiet haha. bad luck?

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