Yet another Outback Wagon

Discussion in 'Member Journals & Project Build Stories' started by Mad Mallard, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    On Friday, I picked up a 2001 OBW H6 VDC with a headgasket leak for $1000.

    has new tires, mostly new brakes, no rust, an optima redtop, all working electronics including the Mcintosh stereo, and leather without any tears.

    but also has shot suspension, weeping rear diff cover, front driveaxle noise, is filthy, is throwing codes 128 and 420 stored, and the coolant problem.

    and has no fob.

    i think i still got a pretty good deal.
  2. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    i think i landed a unicorn. this thing apparently has dual stage intake an exhaust...
  3. J_P

    J_P I like pudding pops Supporting Member

    Sounds interesting. Any pics to share? And congratulations on the find.
  4. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    been working. dark when i get home :(

    off tomorro, first day to give it the inspection.
  5. Drowland87

    Drowland87 Staff Member Supporting Member

    This definitely has me intrigued.
  6. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard

    updates include the following:

    over 250,000 miles.

    replaced 4 corners of stock suspension o_O, passenger rear hub bearing replaced, fuel filter and top end fuel hoses replaced, rear diff fluid changed, rear diff bushings installed (stock ones rotted off completely), p420 was legit replaced all 3 cats, installed thermostat (no idea why there wasn't one) and flushed system.

    its needed all of these things that were neglected at these high miles, but after every install, there was a nite and day improvement, and i'm DD now. Still need suspension work and alignment, and other things.
  7. Alex

    Alex Community Founder Staff Member

    Nice find! Look forward to seeing a few photos :)
  8. Mad Mallard

    Mad Mallard the mad mallard



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